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(UN)Designs was started to offer unique products that were not currently available. As water cooling enthusiasts themselves, they were constantly trying to find new ways to build systems and were rarly ever satisfied with anything as it came stock. It was this drive that led them to design the brackets you see today. (UN)Designs prides themselves on listening to their customers, identifiying their needs and always striving to offer the best products that work exacly as they should.

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"FrozenCPU is the place! Not only a ginormous selection off top-notch product and services, their shipping is supersonic. One order I placed just before a holiday weekend arrived in just four day via standard mail. I wasn''t in a big hurry for it but it allowed me to get ahead and a few things off of my list early. Dealings are always great too, whether online or over the phone. They''ve got one very happy lifetime customer right here. Imma be hitting it overtime with building, modding, and tweaking just to add more of their positivity to my life. "

- CohesiveOne
   August 04, 2016

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