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Cabinet Cooling
FrozenCPU understands the challenging needs of today's media components and the heat they produce. Here is a large selection of cooling items that meet this very need. From cabinet cooling devices, USB powered fans, and console cooling you can find all sorts of handy cooling devices for your media and entertainment center needs.

CabCool Dual 120mm Oak Vent Cabinet Fan Grill
CabCool Dual 120mm Oak Vent Cabinet Fan Grill These oak grills come direct from the manufacturer with a seal to prevent any sort of environmental damage and are ready to install. If you wish to paint or stain the grills we recommend lightly sanding the sealant off first. Pre-drilled holes and screws for 120x120x25mm fan installation are included.
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Akasa 120mm x 25mm Auto Thermal Fan - (800 - 2300 RPM / 26C - 45C) - (AK-174BKT-B)
Akasa 120mm x 25mm Auto Thermal Fan - (800 - 2300 RPM / 26C - 45C) - (AK-174BKT-B) Akasa auto thermal fans automatically adjust speed to the ambient temperature. Designed to keep power consumption and noise levels at minimum and deliver high performance cooling when required. Long life bearings make auto thermal fans ideal for both: case and heatsinks. The built in thermal probe constantly monitors ambient temperature to give you...
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CabCool 1202 Dual 120mm Wood Grill Cabinet Cooling Kit w/ Thermal Control
CabCool 1202 Dual 120mm Wood Grill Cabinet Cooling Kit w/ Thermal Control This is a two fan oak grill kit to cool your cabinet or multimedia center. These Oak finished grills are ready to install. They come with a sealed finish for long lasting quality appeal. Includes (2) Ultra quiet 120mm Fans. Pre-drilled holes for 120x120x25mm fan installation. Can be mounted on any side of a cabinet, where room permits. ...
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CabCool 1202-Deluxe-M PRO-Metal Series Dual 120mm Deluxe Cabinet Cooling Kit w/ Programmable LED Thermal Control and Monitor
CabCool 1202-Deluxe-M PRO-Metal Series Dual 120mm Deluxe Cabinet Cooling Kit w/ Programmable LED Thermal Control and Monitor Our Pro Series bracket is made of high quality "Black Powder Coated Metal " This is a complete kit for quietly cooling your cabinet or multimedia center. This deluxe unit is fitted with two very quiet 1200 RPM fans coupled with our new Thermal Fan Controller with LED Display. On/Off Temperature is easily programmable. Displays current temperat...
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"I''ve been modding computers for a while now, and have tried many different online retailers for specialty computer supplies. Over the last year I''ve ordered more and more from FrozenCPU and they''re now my favorite supplier -- the place I check first, and often the only place I check. They have decent prices and a very wide selection, but a lot of internet retailers have these two things going for them. There are three things which set FrozenCPU above the pack, in my opinion. The first is that I get what I order from them, FAST. Today for example I got an item the first business day after I ordered it (Cocaine energy drink, and although maybe I should thank Mother Nature for this last bit, it was even cold!) When I see 1-5 business day shipping I usually think more like ''5'' -- but it''s different with FrozenCPU. They don''t screw around. The second is that they will mod items for you. Some other enthusiast sites will do this, but in my opinion FrozenCPU does it the best, the most reliably, the least expensively, with the most items. It''s optional, unlike some other sites where if you want to buy, say, a CCFL kit, you have no choice but to buy it sleeved and wrapped, and pay extra. FrozenCPU gives you the option, and they do the job right. The last thing is the biggest factor for me. As I said they ship fast -- but most importantly they ship ACCURATELY. I get everything I ordered completely, every single time, and it always works. I''ve never had to return an item to FrozenCPU, and I''ve never even wanted to. They have never sent me something I needed to RMA. The website always reflects current availability -- you never order something only to find it''s out of stock (which is all too common among computer enthusiast suppliers) or that it''s ''caught up in Customs'' (which I''ve heard too many times as well). No, basically, I can order with confidence from FrozenCPU, and then forget all about it because I know it''ll all be at my door in a very short bit of time. No annoying phone calls or emails asking me if I''d mind substituting Item X for Item Y which is out of stock. No items dropshipped because they weren''t in inventory. No waiting around a week for all the items to be assembled to ship together -- I just punch in an order and in a few days it''s at my door, guaranteed. As someone who often finds themselves buying specialty goods from online retailers, let me just say that kind of reliability combined with the wide range of choice and quality FrozenCPU offers, is very rare. They''re a top notch supplier and I hope they''re around for as long as I''m building PCs."

- Mark Schaefer
   December 05, 2006

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