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Cabinet Cooling
FrozenCPU understands the challenging needs of today's media components and the heat they produce. Here is a large selection of cooling items that meet this very need. From cabinet cooling devices, USB powered fans, and console cooling you can find all sorts of handy cooling devices for your media and entertainment center needs.

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AC to DC Adapter - 110V AC to 12V DC Converter w/ Standard 4 Pin (5000mA Max)
AC to DC Adapter - 110V AC to 12V DC Converter w/ Standard 4 Pin (5000mA Max) The AC to DC Adapter - 110 V AC to 12 V DC Converter w/ Standard 4 Pin is perfect for those "outside the box" cooling needs. Using this device you can run standard 12V fans directly from the wall socket. Without the need for a ATX power supply, you can virtually cool anything. We recommend using this device for home theater cooling needs and ove...
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Akasa 120mm x 25mm Auto Thermal Fan - (800 - 2300 RPM / 26C - 45C) - (AK-174BKT-B)
Akasa 120mm x 25mm Auto Thermal Fan - (800 - 2300 RPM / 26C - 45C) - (AK-174BKT-B) Akasa auto thermal fans automatically adjust speed to the ambient temperature. Designed to keep power consumption and noise levels at minimum and deliver high performance cooling when required. Long life bearings make auto thermal fans ideal for both: case and heatsinks. The built in thermal probe constantly monitors ambient temperature to give you...
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CabCool 902 Dual 92mm Cabinet Cooling Kit w/ Thermal Control
CabCool 902 Dual 92mm Cabinet Cooling Kit w/ Thermal Control This is a complete kit with pre-set thermal switch for a Dual fan unit (120 x 225 x 38mm) that will quietly cool your cabinet or multimedia center. Also includes our 110v AC to 12v DC Power Supply with 4 Pin Molex (2000mA) for powering fan from standard wall outlet. Can be mounted on any side of a cabinet, where room permits, by cutting a rec...
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"My 1st order from FPCU was a pack of fan screws, the shipping was so fast I had to wait a week for my fans! The FPCU websight is so simple to find everything even with a (traumatic brain injury) I still found what I was looking for, My 2nd order was water cooling goodies there was a problem with the hoses clamp situation and i called FPCU and didnt like the answer I got do to its my goodies and I want them now attitude, So I called back many times to customer service every time I called I recieved to good of service, I think if someone called me 3x''s a day I would tell them a few choice words and hang up on them. FPCU didnt they treated me with more respect than I gave them. I want to sincerely apologize to all and thank them very much! Like I said in the title NO Words Can Explain FPCU''s service. I am currently workin on UV Red goodies and a couple more fans and FPCU will be my only place to shop! "

- Larry E.
   April 25, 2014

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