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Cabinet Cooling
FrozenCPU understands the challenging needs of today's media components and the heat they produce. Here is a large selection of cooling items that meet this very need. From cabinet cooling devices, USB powered fans, and console cooling you can find all sorts of handy cooling devices for your media and entertainment center needs.

CabCool 1202 Lite Dual 120mm 5V Fan Cabinet Cooling Kit
CabCool 1202 Lite Dual 120mm 5V Fan Cabinet Cooling Kit This 120mm "Lite" version of our CabCool cooling kits is a great selection if you just want a no nonsense easy to install kit to keep your stuff cool. We paired our silent 120mm 5 volt fans with a wall wart style 2 prong ac adapter so you can power it from a standard wall socket or any entertainment device that has an outlet. A very quiet 5 vol...
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FrozenCPU 3-pin Extension Cable - 36"
FrozenCPU 3-pin Extension Cable - 36" The FrozenCPU 3-pin Extension Cable is for that hard to reach fan header from your cpu or that case fan that just can't make it quite to the fan header on the motherboard. Lots of slack with this one- Full rpm monitoring supported.
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CabCool Dual 120mm Oak Vent Cabinet Fan Grill
CabCool Dual 120mm Oak Vent Cabinet Fan Grill These oak grills come direct from the manufacturer with a seal to prevent any sort of environmental damage and are ready to install. If you wish to paint or stain the grills we recommend lightly sanding the sealant off first. Pre-drilled holes and screws for 120x120x25mm fan installation are included.
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Swiftech 8-Way PWM Cable Splitter - SATA Power (8W-PWM-SPL-ST)
Swiftech 8-Way PWM Cable Splitter - SATA Power (8W-PWM-SPL-ST) The function of this device is to connect up to 8 PWM devices (fans and/or pumps) to a single PWM fan conector on the motherboard, thus enabling speed-control of all connected PWM devices concurrently. We generally recommend to use the “CPU_Fan” connector of the motherboard,because most motherboard manufacturers usually allow a greater range of...
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