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LutroO Tools

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LutroO Customs Flush Wire Cutter LutroO Customs Flush Wire Cutter
Brand: LutroO Customs  

Flush cutters that cut paracord and pet sleeving both cleanly and straight are hard to find. The prices range from $7 - $40 for a quality tool that does no go dull. Many have seen that I have endorsed another small cutter, although this cutter works well it has a smaller cutting blade and can quickly go dull if you use it to cut both wire and sleeve. So when I ...

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LutroO Customs Ratchet Crimper LutroO Customs Ratchet Crimper
Brand: LutroO Customs  

After searching high and low, I have found the crimper everyone always wants to get their hands on. I have personally tested and dialed in the correct settings for all types of molex type terminals including the typical "male" and the typical "female" terminal. For those making their own cables this is the only tool worth the money to purchase. These tools nor...

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