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Swiftech's New Power House PWM Pump!!
August 05, 2014

The Swiftech MCP50X Liquid Cooling Pump - Black is an extreme pressure 12 V DC centrifugal pump. It has an extremely small footprint for it's specifications, 2.4" x 2.4" x 1.8" tall. The pumps superior head pressure bests any pump in the same class and footprint: the MCP50X is particularly well adapted to support multiple devices in the same loop, such as multiple radiators, and/or waterblocks.

Take a look at the MCP50X

NZXT Kraken X41 and X61 CPU Coolers!
July 31, 2014

The Kraken X41 and X61 are the first consumer closed loop coolers with an integrated variable speed pump. The state-of-the-art variable speed pump keeps noise to a minimum during use without sacrificing top end pump power. The NZXT CAM software allows you to control your Kraken’s fan speeds, Hue lighting, and other custom cooling settings. The Kraken+ CAM module is also available in CAM Mobile, allowing you to monitor temps and adjust your Kraken fans and Hue remotely from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Take a look at the Kraken Series

Noctua Redux and Industrial Fans Now Available!!
July 22, 2014

The Noctua Redux fans are a new spin on the classic Noctua fans we know and love. These fans are stripped down of all the accessories to give you the lowest cost while making add-ons still available if you want them. To bolster this even further the fans have a cosmetic facelift from the "traditional" Noctua coloring with a more neutral theme.

The Industrial series is a new series from Noctua that is an ideal choice for highly demanding applications that require superior flow rates and ultimate dependability. The industrialPPC versions provides superior airflow and pressure capacity while keeping noise levels and power consumption moderate.

Take a look at the Industrial Series, and the Redux Series!

HardwareLabs Radiators on SALE!!
June 10, 2014

Black Ice GT Stealth and GT Xtreme radiators are at ridiculous prices. Pick up a brand new high performance rad for your next build now while stock is available during the sale!

Take a look Here!

Little Devil on SALE!!!!
June 06, 2014

In order to make room Little Devil chassis and accessories are at insane prices!! You can pick up a beautiful case WELL under cost for your next build. These elegant full aluminum cases are designed to house the latest hardware, radiators and feature vibrant color options.

Take a look Here!

ICY DOCK / FrozenCPU Exclusive Mail-in Rebate Program
June 01, 2014

In order to receive your rebate from ICY DOCK you must purchase one of the following eligible ICY DOCK products listed below between 06/01/2014 - 06/30/2014.

Product Listing Found Here!

Noiseblocker Fans!
May 29, 2014

Founded in 1998, they are the European leader in the low-noise PC arena - particularly through their Noiseblocker brand - and have become a mature, economically stable company. Their success is based on innovative product development, quality assurance and not only their global reach but their ability to think flexibly.

Unparalleled performance!Full selection found here.

Memorial Day!
May 20, 2014

A salute to all our service members past and present! We hope everyone has a safe holiday. Please keep in mind shipping services are not running (pick-up or delivery) on this holiday so plan shipments accordingly as the 26th is not considered a transit day. This includes USPS as well as UPS. We will be closed here at as well. Phone support and shipping services will resume on the 27th of May as normal.
New Swiftech Apogee XL CPU Waterblock!
May 05, 2014

The Apogee™ XL is Swiftech's new flagship CPU waterblock. It features a fine-tuned thermal performance for the most recent Intel® and AMD® processors. This new block has a lower flow restriction than previous Apogee models and is
visual enhanced with an LED back-lit front logo plate available with 4 included color plates.

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Bitspower Fittings in Colors
April 18, 2014

We at are always striving to bring you the largest selection of PC modification and liquid cooling options. Bitspower fittings are here in 7 colors now. Silver, Black Sparkle, Matte Black, White, Deep Bold Red, Carbon Black, and True Brass colors are now available. Matching up your fitting color to your build couldn't be easier and with the Bitspower brand you know your getting a quality product. Fittings for flexible tube as well as rigid tube are available from Bitspower along with obscure adapter. Most popular fittings are already available in all 7 colors and we are working to fill the last few gaps.

Check them out!!

Aquacomputer Kryographics Series Full Coverage Liquid Cooling Blocks!
April 10, 2014

The kryographics series water blocks offer outstanding cooling performance and a low flow resistance. All mounting threads are equipped with spacers for easy installation and to prevent twisting of the graphics card. The areas contacting the GPU and RAM modules are polished for excellent heat transfer. For the voltage regulators, a thermal pad with high thermal conductivity is included.
These waterblocks are stunning to the eye and to your video card performance! Leave nothing on the table when your VGA is concerned using a Kryographics! A variety of versions are available to those looking to match their build. Check them out!!
New Thermalright Coolers Now Available!
March 28, 2014

Thermalright has always been known for high end CPU coolers with terrific performance and stunning visual appeal. This new string of entries is no different. With the release of the AXP-100R, AXP-100 Muscle, AXP-200, Silver Arrow IB-E / IB-E Extreme and the True Spirit 140, there is sure to be a model that will fit your needs and out perform any competition.

Check them out!!

Redharbinger Desks Here!!
March 18, 2014

Our team here couldn't resist but crack one open and take a peek! These are awe inspiring and are ready to assemble. We did notice a few things that we wanted to point out. There is very little actual assembly required for these. Bolt the legs on and your close to done! A few fan covers, a bag of cables and a hardware pack are all that is left as well as the glass top. The build quality is great, we wanted to start dropping goodies in this thing before we even got the plastic off it! These are a thing of beauty and sure to inspire people to be super creative!

We are facilitating the shipment of all the pre-ordered desks from Redharbinger as we speak as well as the recent orders on!

Take a look! Now Accepts Bitcoin!!
February 25, 2014

ATLANTA, GA -- February 25, 2014 -- BitPay Inc., the world leader in business solutions for virtual currencies, announced today a partnership with FrozenCPU, a supplier of computer modification parts powered by End Point, a full service e-commerce consultancy. Together BitPay, FrozenCPU, and End Point expand the user experience to make purchases with bitcoins and add another check out option for merchants wanting to accept bitcoin payments. As a new merchant, FrozenCPU continues to provide the world’s largest selection of PC modification supplies while also expanding their payment network.
EK introduces 5.25" drive bay type Laing D5 pump/reservoir unit.
February 19, 2014

EK Water Blocks based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to introduce the latest 5.25" drive bay pump / reservoir combo unit.

EK-BAY RES D5 is high-performance hydraulically improved pump top (volute) for D5 series water pumps with integrated reservoir in a two-slot 5.25" drive bay form factor. This type of design makes the use of now almost abandoned 5.25" drive bay slots in order to provide more room for other components when facing limited space constraints. Made from a high quality POM Acetal this sturdy, monoblock design guarantees maximum reliability and rigidity!

Available with and without pump Now!!

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"I wrote to Frozen CPU a few weeks ago in regards to my recent orders, and I have not had the time to write a review. Once you build a good L/C system, you really have no need to buy new parts and in my case was probably about 6-7 years. However, that is one thing I can count on is FrozenCPU is still around and they are the only company I trust ordering L/C parts from. They have answered my questions by email quickly and were very nice, even though the part I needed was clearly visible on the page. They know after scouring the internet and their vast supply of parts, its easy to overlook the obvious and were very polite. My motherboard died and I wanted a new system, and I wanted it fast. I ordered parts on a Monday or Tuesday and they had the parts to be by that Friday, I was building up my system and leak testing Saturday. Too bad my motherboard failed and I had to wait (which I need to point out was not purchased at Frozen CPU). My only complaint I told them was I wished they could ship UPS since I have a UPS distribution center two blocks down from me and they deliver to me late at night and require no signature. But, every company has a business plan, and several companies I deal with use Fed-X, so if there was a rating system, it would not be worth removing a star for. I also promised I would post a link. You can tell by the picture I have never built an external Rad this big, so I will be ordering more parts from frozenCPU to clean up the install. But what I have keeps my system kool.... Very outstanding service from this company over several years. "

- Randy Hearn
   May 31, 2012

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