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The next generation of the Original SWING HDD decouplers from (((Noiseblocker))) reduces hard disk noises up to 7 dB/A; the brand-new NB-X-SWINGs offer furthermore an unbeatable service package:
100% Compatibility
Of what use is the most beautiful decoupler to you, if it simply does not want to fit in? No more nerve-killing and unnecessary tinker jobs. Whether mounting with screws or with fasteners, the NB-X-SWING can be installed in any 5.25" shaft. The distance between the drillings corresponds 100% to that of the CD/DVD drives. That is why also the mounting with fasteners and clips is from now on possible in the case (for example at Chieftec, Casetek or Compucase PC cases).

Longer hard disk service life
Quick hard disks produce strong and dangerous oscillations, which are passed directly on to the PC case during the conventional mounting over the hard disk cage. By mechanical decoupling from the PC the new NB-X-SWING decoupler reduces not only the sound level of the hard disks with approx. 50% (such a PC case is unfortunately also a great sound box) but also the oscillations are effectively damped down. This preserves the delicate mechanics of the hard disk and extends its service life considerably.

Up to 2 hard disks mountable at the same time
All you need is just a NB-X-SWING decoupler for decoupling up to 2 hard disks at the same time. Often you have to buy certain products twice, which more often than not also cost double, not to mention the additional operating expenses.

Improved cooling performance
Hard disks transfer by nature a large part of their heat to PC case by direct contact. With conventional HDD decouplers this is conditionally prevented by design. The NB-X-SWINGs however consist of two heat conducting aluminium profiles with direct contact to the hard disk. The heat will be thus much better dissipated than in the case of the conventional mounting an additional cooling is therefore in most cases unnecessary.

No measurable output losses of the hard disk
In the case of the products with too soft bearing, losses are frequently registered with the access times of the hard disk. The NB-X-SWINGs are however so well thought-out that no output losses are registered any more.

Improved data security
A positive side effect of the soft÷ bearing through the NB-X-SWING is the insensibility÷ towards hard impacts, which can prevent unpleasant surprises in case of a transport. No “slipping÷ of the disk any longer, the NB-X-SWINGs are placed absolutely shellproof÷ in the case.

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