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Swiftech H220 X2 All In One Liquid Cooling Kits
Part #: ex-wat-393
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Swiftech's design objective is always to minimize the operating noise while preserving high thermal performance characteristics. At its lowest speed settings, the new X2 system is virtually inaudible. At its maximum speed, it remains within comfortable audible noise levels. With pre-installed fans, and the new Apogee XL2 mounting system, the new X2 is probably the easiest AIO liquid cooling kit to install, and is even easier to setup than many high-end air coolers. Thanks to its copper & brass dual or triple radiator, high static pressure fans, more powerful DC pump than any other AIO on the market, and because it uses the Apogee XL2 series waterblock, the X2 kit delivers superior thermal performance to any comparably sized system on the market. The X2 differentiates itself from other AIO's by its ability to be fully customized, and to support additional liquid cooled components such as graphics cards, chipset, and/or additional radiator(s). From a practical standpoint, this is possible thanks to the presence of a reservoir including a fill-port built into the radiator so that the system can be easily emptied or refilled by the user at will, enthusiast grade clear PVC tubing fastened to swivel fittings with an elegant clamping system that users can easily remove and safely re-install, and the factory fittings can be replaced by aftermarket G1/4 compatible offerings of the user's choice. From a thermal performance standpoint, this is made possible by the high thermal capacity of the copper and brass radiator, the powerful high-pressure pump capable of driving sufficient flow to cool multiple devices in the loop, the award winning flagship Apogee XL2 series waterblock. For lighting control, the PWM splitter also includes 3 more connectors for the all new ALED lighting system, a two-pin connector that can be used for remote control, and finally a small button to change both colors and intensity of the LEDs.

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