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Bykski B-EXV-X Exhaust Valve
Part #: ex-tub-3614
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For water pressure relief purposes, water cooling system operation is mostly closed operation state, with the cold liquid temperature rise, will produce internal pressure, the internal pressure will increase the connection parts of the compression force, and indirectly affect the system life and stability , Through the release of internal pressure, can play to improve the stability of the water cooling system, access to low pressure operation of the best condition.

Press the front button can play the role of manual large flow of exhaust, the system is running through the built-in hydrophobic filter accessories to play the role of slow release exhaust, and resistance to the passage of water molecules

As a water-cooled system internal pressure discharge device, be sure to install in the water inlet position, when the front button is pressed in the non-sealed exhaust state, such as in the water outlet will lead to water overflow, it is recommended to install the upper part of the tank.

Instructions: press the front button exhaust, release the button automatically reset the seal, which has automatic slow release exhaust.

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