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NoiseMagic NoVibes 2.5 Silent Hard Drive Mounting System
Part #: noi-15
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The NoiseMagic NoVibes 2.5 Silent Hard Drive Mounting System is designed for standard 2.5" laptop hard drives. The NoiseMagic NoVibes suspends the hard drive with rubber mounting straps that are secured to a metal frame that will fit any traditional 3.5" drive bay. By suspending the drive using the rubber straps, not only is the drive completely isolated from transferring any vibrations to the case, it is also very open to airflow - with only a small percentage of the drive's surface area covered. NoiseMagic is a German company - so quality control is paramount as always - but they also include an english installation manual - making everything very easy. The NoiseMagic NoVibes 2.5 also has a 60mm fan hole mount - so you can boost the cooling ability of the drive as well if wanted.

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