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UV Illuminated Vandal Resistant "Momentary" Switch - 16mm - Black Housing - Ring Illumination
Part #: ele-729
Price: $12.99
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Things to Know about this "UV" illuminated switch
Reviewer:Ed (6)
I recently purchased 24 various colored and type (momentary/latching) Bulgin switches, I put these into a custom made desk surface to monitor and control 4 independent computers. I am letting you know that these purple or UV colored LED style 16mm Bulgin switches are not LED illuminated but lit with a standard incandesent light bulb in the housing. The blue and red lamps were LEDs, a good test is that LEDs let current travel in one direction only, thus connecting them backwards will not light them up. I found that this model worked in either connection. I bought these purple UV style switches to be used in an existing KVM 4-port switch setup. I reverse engineered the circuit board interface to bring it out of the manufacturers case and into my desk. These "LEDs" caused the KVM to be inoperable while connected. I replaced them with standard LEDs and it worked fine. I tested the "LED" in these switched by connecting a 12 volt DC source thru a 1K resistor to find that they lit up in either positive/negative, or negative positive wiring. The blue and red Bulgin style switches are true LEDs. they worked fine. For illumination, even in daylight they are quit bright, and look very good in the dark. The housings, black or silver of this "UV" LED switch are made with normal light bulbs in them, so be forwarned, if you need a real LED in a circuit, stay away from these ones. Otherwise thay are really great in functionality and appearance. Thanks Frozen CPU for supplying these excellent products for modding our systems.