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Enermax T.B. Silence 120mm x 25mm "Twister Bearing" Fan (UCTB12)
Part #: fan-734
Price: $9.99
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not as advetised...
Reviewer:sKorpion (4)
first, i will say the build quality is good, fan is very quiet, and looks beautiful. sadly, no where NEAR the acclaimed 71 cfm. as others have said these are probably half that rating... and to make matters worse... they ''leak''. you can feel a substantial amount of air leaking out the intake. ie you can feel the air in case being pushed back out through the fan. these fan are best only for very casual cooling were silence is a requirement. DO NO USE ON COOLERS/RADIATORS!!! DO NOT USE ON CASES REQUIRING MODERATE/HIGH AIR FLOW!!!

Great quiet fan
Reviewer:HalloweenWeed (6)
Don''t buy this fan if you want maximum airflow. But for this quiet, it has excellent airflow. I replaced a stock fan on my CM HAF 912 W/one of these, approx. the same airflow but even quieter. This model does not have LEDs. I like it.

Inexpensive solution to coldness!
Reviewer:eightydee (14)
Just recieved these today and I say, my first impress was they look flimsy and slightly cheap but after installing them and really listened to them, dang. You barely can hear these things. I really mean it! I have the Haf932 and the stock fans are quiet and I swapped those out for 8 (yes 8) Scythe fans and THAT is loud. I''m kind of baffled, these are so inexpensive yet there so quiet and they do a damn good job of cooling. All I wanted to do was equal out the air pressure in my case since I have two Enermax Magnas on top. My first (only so far) was shocking! My temps dropped on my i7 with CM V8 and GPU, everything. So moral of the story is, higher CFM fans don''t necessarily mean cooler temps. Static pressure and positive pressure play a HUGE role in cooling. Do you research before go and buying a fan. Enermax has become my new brand of computer fan. Here''s how I have my case: Front: Stock 230mm fan (being replaced by a SilverStone high pressure fan) Side: 4 Enermax T.B. Silence Top: Two Enermax Magas Rear: Stock (Either Scythe Ultra Kaze or Enermax Apollos) Need more research. Computer fans get overlooked and misunderstood. High CFMs are good but not always great. Need to equal the pressure inside your case. Take time and read forums and chat with some companies. In the long run. knowledge is gold.

Best Replacement for stock case fans
Reviewer: ()
Replaced my Thermaltake Armor+MX case fans with these, more air flow and very quiet

Silent Fan
Reviewer:Never (1)
If you''re looking for a fan with a high RPM.....this isn''t for you. These fans max out at 900 RPM, but they''re still able to move a very good amount of air. These fans are whisper quite. I''m using 2 of them outside my case, attached to my radiator. Not only are the very quiet, but they have to be the coolest looking fans ever produced. The brushed aluminum with the logo cut out looks great. Very, very happy with these fans!