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Lamptron 50W - 4 Channel Aluminum Throttle Style Fan Controller w/ Multi Color Backlit LEDs - Black (FC-9)
Part #: bus-284
Price: $42.99
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Great Controller
Reviewer:math_dude (2)
This controller does what it needs to do and it can handle the rated power. I am running 10x 5.4W 140mm fans, a 140mm 1.8W fan, and 2x 4.56W 120mm fans on 3 of the channels. The last channel handles my D5 vario pump. Specifically, there are 6x 140mm high speed + pressure fans in push/pull on a 420mm radiator on channel 0 (32.4W), 4x 140mm high speed + pressure fans in push/pull on a 280mm radiator and a 140mm exhaust fan on channel 1 (21.6W + 1.8W = 23.4W), and 2x 120mm very high speed + pressure fans in push only on a 240mm radiator on channel 2 (9.12W). I am very impressed with this controller but there is one issue I have that made me drop one point on the rating: the control sliders stick out a good 12mm to 13mm (0.5") and will prevent cases with front doors from closing properly. I had this issue and had to pull the sliders off and replace them with some NZXT black plastic sliders that, ironically, fit perfectly and only stuck out about 3mm with the face of this unit. Also, again ironically, the NZXT sliders look like they were meant for this Lamptron controller. There are jumpers that allow you to set the LEDs to different colors and the colors will adjust in brightness the same way as you adjust the fan speed with the sliders.

No Complaints
Reviewer:K6CTX (4)
I got this controller to tame the Corsair SP120s that I have attached to my HW Labs Black Ice 360 radiator because they can definitely get loud when running at full speed. I use one channel to power the three fans in push position and another to power the fans in pull position. I use a separate channel to control the speed of my water pump and have one channel left over. However, with my pump set to full blast I can barely hear it so I am going to disconnect it free up that channel, allowing for fan control on a future 240mm radiator. I use red LEDs to match my computer''s color scheme and everything looks great. The sliders are also very smooth and have not fallen victim to gravity so they stay right where I set them.

Build Could Be Better
Reviewer:pheanix (1)
Overall a great looking controller and does what it''s supposed to. But build needs work. Side panels could be longer to lock in place (Cooler Master HAF 932). The first lever on my unit is discolored and way too easy to pull off.

So far so good
Reviewer:taz1 (7)
Unit appears and feels of heavy/solid construction. Am running 9 fans on 3 rads plus two D5''s. Sliders are smooth in motion. The LED system is good but not perfect so certain colors may appear off tint. The only thing that puzzles me is directions indicate you should connect all three molex on the unit to your power source " For safe operation ". The molex''s are wired together to a common feed into the unit that is two larger gauge wires soldered into to PCB.