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Aquacomputer Airplex Modularity System 240 Radiator / Pump / Reservoir Combo - Aluminum Fins - D5 Pump (33010)
Part #: ex-rad-294
Price: $299.99
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Top shelf radiator
Reviewer:Mike (1)
I do not agree with the 1-star guy entirely. This is not a drop-in radiator. It is very likely you will have to ponder the design a bit. I have this radiator on-top of a corsair air 540, and I did have to make some modifications. But I enjoy the building and this radiator will make some demands of you.

Reviewer:Xerciis (1)
This radiator cools very well that is not up to debate...however the inlet and outlet ports are poorly placed making this very expensive piece of hardware a nightmare for tubing routing because of the inlet ports current designation...basically if your thinking of running this radiator in conjunction with another aquacomputer radiator but without the pump reservoir combo your going to end up with a spaghetti mess of have been warned.

A mostly handy all in one unit!
Reviewer:CafeBikeGirl (1)
We purchased one of these to fit into a test rig to cool a turbo molecular vacuum pump used in high thermal load conditions. It certainly does the job, the water block that came with the turbo pump is polished stainless steel and this radiator combo still keeps not only keeps the pump cool but also reduced the temperature of the angle valve connected 6" away which also generates quite a bit of heat. This is with the speed control set on 4 (5 is max). The end caps are made out of delrin so you do have to be careful to not over tighten any fittings (do not man handle this unit). We really like that this is a compact all in one unit that we can bolt in, connect a few wires and it''s ready to go. Our biggest complaint is that it is very picky about any air in the lines and usually have to stand it up on end to get the water circulating enough to purge the system. Once the air is out it runs like a champ. We''re buying a similar unit to cool some Epsilon Extensometers.