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BitFenix Spectre Pro 200mm Fan - Black (BFF-SPRO-20025KK-RP)
Part #: fan-926
Price: $19.99
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pretty much meh
Reviewer:Connor (13)
It moves quite a lot of air, but has its fair share of issues I believe. First off, this thing is LOUD, well, not stupidly loud, but unpleasantly so, and it also has a very annoying mechanical click. Then, mounting is an issue, it did not fit very well in the top of my Cooler Master HAF X. Also the little hex bits between the screw holes are not removable (without force) so you have to use long screws. Finally, it does feel cheap, the blades have a lot of flex, and the support webbing feels like it will break with the slightest bump. If you aren''t concerned with noise, this would be a good fan to get I think, but otherwise, I would look elsewhere.

Better than expected.
Reviewer:Rabblebad (4)
Very, very quiet. Moves alot of air. Using this on a Phobya Xtreme 200mm rad. Couldn''t be happier. For my application of was the perfect combination of silence, performance and looks.

Will be buying more
Reviewer:Chiyonosake (2)
Been looking at getting Bit Fenix for a while on fans. Saw they came out with these and I wanted to give them a try. I got 2 of the 120mm for my cousin''s case, I got two of these 200mm ones for my case (HAF X). I use them as exhaust fans for the top. Let me tell you, these push a lot of air and the noise you hear is the rush of air, not the fan themselves. Hook these up to a fan controller or use the onboard fan controller if your board supports it and knock these down to 70% and the noise is gone. I will say, the only flimsy part I found was the spokes, yes they are thin and tiny, but if you''re seriously going to put pressure on these fans, you should NOT be building a computer... Let alone changing fans. It took a little bit to make these fans fit in the HAF X, need to be careful of the spacing of the fan and the case, use the provided spacers, or make shift spacers using the rubber plugs that came with it. Looking at getting another one for the front and also a 230mm for the side. Also would like 2 more 120mm for my Corsair H80. These are probably some of the best fans I have gotten in a long time.

Try Antec
Reviewer:Plastik (12)
Cheap, flimsy, but they do look nice. The antec 200 x 30 is much better.