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ModMyToys Carbon Fiber Enhanced Compression Fitting - 1/2"ID x 3/4"OD - Modders 6 Pack Red (MMT-CFF-RD-BK-1234-6)
Part #: ex-tub-1715
Price: $39.95
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they need to update their pics with real images
Reviewer: ()
I like the Monsoon compression fittings but i hafta say they need to work on their presentation and show actual pictures of their products rather then Photoshopped pics. i have used their blue and green fittings and for the most part they are as described however their orange and their red colors look nothing like their represented pictured counterparts, my recently received red parts look like a dark pink and brick or burnt orangish/redish what looks like a rubberized paint its foggy in places and thin where ever there is a ridge so these are not a chemical dipped or anodized finish but rather a surface treatment like paint. their orange looks more like a washed out copper then an actual orange this is a sad representation of their color choices and display pics , if it werenít for an actual need of these components i would send them back for a full refund but i am on a dead line and need to get my system up so i can finish my customers builds. and i might just bead blast them to get them to a uniformed color and plastic dip them just so i have something that doesnít look hack in the future i will be purchasing Bitspower blood red fittings instead as they are a true red and not pink and brick orange like monsoons fittings are and actually look good as opposed to these fittings if you think i am being harsh its for good reason when you order $200 in fittings there should be some consistency in these fittings and if i were to post up pictures of my build i could show actual colors with all of them lined up next to each other and you could see for yourself how different they are between the 40+ fittings i have 10 per system i hafta color match as closely as possible to get a close build and Iím not too picky as others are