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Lamptron CM615 - 6 Channel Aluminum Touch Screen Liquid Cooling Controller - Black (CM615)
Part #: bus-367
Price: $119.99
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Reviewer:Supersl (1)
The first day I used this fan controller, I was largely disappointed. The software interface was terrible and the OSD wasn''t much better. The fans start at full power as advertised, but then drop speed quickly instead of gradually making them randomly power off with only a couple or none still running. To turn them back on, I could not just select a fan and increase the speed because that would just make the alarm go off which I feel like should happen before I increase the voltage. To turn them back on I had to turn them each down to 0 percent, then back up to 100. Late that night I thought to run the program with administrator privileges and I realized that the reason profiles were not working is because it was trying to save them in "Program Files" which it of course does not have permissions for. You can probably save the profiles somewhere else, but I was hoping that running as admin would also prevent further bugs. With profiles working, I can now load a profile that I called off, then FullBlast, then MediumWell, then Medium, then Low. This process is still pretty unacceptable, however it is at least what I would consider usable now. I have yet to try auto mode to see if it adjusts more gradually because of the hours I spent fighting with it last night. I will try it today. I give this a 3 only because I am not sure whether to attribute some of the headaches to the fans or not. I am giving Lamptron the benefit of the doubt here. If I was sure it had nothing to do with the fans, I would give a 2 or even 1. I may report back with more input on this product after a while of use. With that said, I would not buy this controller again with my current impressions.