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Alphacool NexXxos XP≥ Light CPU Liquid Cooling Block - Acetal / Nickel Edition - Intel / AMD (12165)
Part #: ex-blc-1678
Price: $67.99
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Horribly restrictive
Reviewer:Jake (1)
This heat sink is not the worst I have ever used, but it is close. It is extremely restrictive and plugs up VERY easily. It doesn''t matter what coolant or filters I use, I still have to break it down at least once per week and scrub it out. The slots are far too small and plug up by the smallest particles that are apparently not getting filtered out by any filter I have tried. All of my liquid cooled PCs have one loop for CPU, and then one for each GPU, each with its own pump and radiator. All of the loops on each PC share the same custom-made reservoir for simplicity. This has never caused any issues in any of my setups. In the lines from the reservoir of all of the loops there is a custom-made activated charcoal filter. I use these just in case anything decides to start growing or dust/dirt happens to get in through the reservoir when the cap is removed for topping off (which is almost always distilled water in my case). This ensures that nothing is in the loops, however, with this heat sink, crap is still plugging up the fins inside. For the price, you would think it would be more efficient. I can say that I will never buy any Alphacool products again. Highly NOT recommended to use this heatsink.