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Logisys 5-LED Lazer Light Kit - UV
Part #: lit-128
Price: $4.99
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Reviewer:Nady (1)
The only beneficial thing is its compact and can fit almost anywhere inside your case however the output is beyond embarrassing

Reviewer:fame.js (13)
this did not last long for me, but when it did work it put out a lot of light. in the specific areas i wanted to glow

Good light for small places
Reviewer:Silent54 (15)
This light as well as other colors would seem to be a good source of light for small or hidden areas. However, I wouldn''t buy this version as a source of UV lighting even in a small location. I bought this to place near the upper rear of my case near the UV tubes that are located in that area. This UV light provided absolutely no light to the tubes.

A Lot of Light in a Tiny Package!
Reviewer:LiLxCharlie999 (4)
Do not let the product image throw you, these are in fact UV and give off a purple glow, not blue. This lighting unit is so small it can be tucked away easily inside a computer case, hidden anywhere and make a huge impact from its glow. The LED''s a visible even in daylight and the unit comes with a long power cable with a daisy chain ending so you can connect multiple units. I definitely recommend this product.