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Window Rubber Molding+Washer
Part #: mol-02
Price: $2.99
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thats what to washer is used for
Reviewer:zubzero689 (1)
the molding is thick and if you read the install guide it says it come with a window it doesn''t just the molding and that what the a washer for that reason. i gave it a 4 out of 5 because of the sipping was fast it made things look better then what i had i used a hot glue before this

works but its ugly
Reviewer:noobnerd (2)
after installing this on my side window and using armorall to clean it up, its still ugly. its just WAY too thick to look nice and clean. gonna take it out and cut a new window and use bolts

Rating went up after finishing install
Reviewer:tudrewser (1)
I confess that I was going to rate this a 2 out of 5 when I first got it. It''s way thicker than I expected, like reminded me of the window molding on my VW bug. It''s really thick. Also, I cut my own side window with a waterjet and did a rectangle with .25" radius curves on the corners. When test fitting, I was worried that these would be too tight because the molding bunched up in the corners and didn''t want to conform tight enough to avoid a gap. However, after finally getting the window in (took some serious time and patience) and locking it in, the corners turned out pretty nice. In hindsight, I shouldn''t have done any tighter than a .5" radius, but it works. Still wish it wasn''t so thick...will probably water cut the acrylic too next time and come up with some nice rivets or screw mounts instead.

Looks clean!
Reviewer:LoRd ScRegg13 (1)
I had purchased this for my antec 1200, and the outcome if done right is priceless! Full window mod go, this route if you don want to see bolts. Sleek look, and holds acrylic with some strength.

Easy Window Mounting
Reviewer:N/A (3)
When used correctly, this molding makes case window installation trivial. Easy to work with and delivers top-notch results. Make sure you give yourself 2-3mm of extra length after initial fitting - the rubber will compress to make your seam invisible.