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SilenX 40x40x10mm - 14dBA - 5CFM iXtrema Pro Fan (IXP-11-14)
Part #: fan-249
Price: $9.99
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Nice and quiet while it worked
Reviewer: Anonymous
This was a very nice and quiet fan while it worked. If that was the end of the story it would have achieved 5 stars. However, I bought this in January and it has now started screaching in April. After paying $20 (after shipping) I expected a little more life. 5 stars for how it worked while it lived, 1 star for lifespan, average is 3 overall.

Very quiet
Reviewer:Very quiet (2)
Bought this to replace a loud fan on a disk drive shelf enclosure. My system is back to being just background white noise instead a loud pig. I just wish there was a three to two way power adapter included.