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Noctua NF-P12 120mm x 25mm Fan - 54.3 CFM at 19 dBA
Part #: fan-399
Price: $15.99
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Quiet but horrible static pressure
Reviewer:svthomas (27)
These fans are insanely quiet, and make a pretty good case fan, but do not plan on putting them anywhere near a radiator, they cannot keep temps down while under load and have horrible static pressure.

Super Quiet
Reviewer:qbical (6)
As stated it is very quite and that is nice. When I ordered these I thought they were speed controlled too, but i was wrong. Not the fans fault though, just wish they were adjustable to spin at higher RPM''s

Perfect Fans for a Perfect Price
Reviewer:Hogan (3)
I bought six these to put in my new Mountain Mods H2Go case. They are quiet and they push a ton of air in and out of my case. Noctua uses some odd colors on their fans, but they do look unique in my case, in a good way. The anti-vibration thumbscrews didn''t work with my fan grill, case, and fan, so I had to use some hardware screws. Kudos to FrozenCPU for selling these 4 bucks cheaper than Newegg as well, plus doing a great job on sleeving them for me.

Noise? what noise?
Reviewer:Binhiemi (14)
Full speed, only thing you''ll hear is the air flowing through these which makes those fan speed adapters useless to make those fan any quieter then they already are. Heck my Power Supply is way nosier then these, so far I order about 10 of these fans and never had to send a RMA.

Lian Li...Butchered!!!
Reviewer:Englaise (5)
Alright, it''s not what you think. The Lian Li PC-76 server case has dense grids through which its case fans must push air. I used a Dremel tool to cut out this grid for all the fans to provide unrestricted air flow. What a difference! Six degrees Celsius cooler! And if you do this artfully, it can actually look pretty cool (pun intended!).

Very Quiet Fan
Reviewer:Jerry (15)
A very, very quiet fan. I have two of these on a CPU cooler and it works very well. However, based on other fans rated at the same CFM, my feeling is the air flow numbers a big optimistic. They don''t work well for a water cooled radiator, they just don''t move enough air across the fins to cool well, but it''s still a good fan.

Great !!!
Reviewer:Jimbo (1)
This fan is silent as dead ;-)

Reviewer:ChaR (2)
I bought two of these to replace a 120x38mm fan in my server case. (the old fan has a rating of 42 dB) They are practically silent. The rubber mounts can be kind of a pain to use if you can''t get your fingers in every corner. The way my case is I had to use dental floss to pull them through the fan''s mounting holes. Overall, I''m very happy I spent the extra money on these.

Weird Quality
Reviewer:Englaise (5)
Yeah, so they''ve a unique color scheme...who cares if they''re hidden in your computer case? The only negative I found were the relatively short power cords. In my Lian Li PC-76 cases, the top fan cannot plug into a motherboard case fan socked, so I am forced to use the four-pin adapter. If the cord was 10cm longer, it would reach the nearest motherboard plug. These replaced MassCool 120mm fans and they are far quieter...just a whisper. As mentioned in another review, I had to check that the fans were spinning they are so quiet, and that''s operating at full speed!

Worth the money if you''re looking for quiet and good performance
Reviewer:Zeke (1)
I picked up 2 of these and I couldn''t be more impressed. Slightly better air movement than Antec TriCool''s set at medium, but they are FAR quieter than the Antecs. I plan to pick up 2 more to replace the Antec fans in my case. Ugly as sin though... the one that can be seen on the side panel sticks out like a sore thumb!

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