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Koolance HD-57 Hydra-Pak Dual Hard Drive Liquid Cooling Block
Part #: ex-blc-439
Price: $34.95
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If I knew I wouldn''t put my money on it
Reviewer:Grisolia (2)
Seems to be a good idea but... The nozzles get in the middle of everything, it''s really hard to pipe them properly and find a good path for them after all. If you do the sandwich with two drives it gets much worse. If a sharp component in the drive circuit board punctures the thermal bag it will leak coolant inside your case and possibly short circuit the drive.

Good idea, bad execution
Reviewer:Jerry (15)
While the concept of this is great, the execution is poor. The fittings on the end of the unit are attached with a super glue type substance and break off really easy. I then tried epoxying them on and some held and some didn''t. Hopefully the next generation will be better.