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Lamptron High Wattage 6 Channel Rheobus - Black (FC-2)
Part #: bus-181
Price: $19.99
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This fan can keep up with some of the 200+ Delta''s
Reviewer:MaddMutt (10)
The Pro''s: This fan MOVES some serious air. With the air guide fins, this puppy can keep up with some of the 200+ Delta''s. I bought 3 of them for my rad and a Lamptron High Wattage 6 Channel Rheobus to control them. The Bad: Like the discretion says, be careful of what FAN CONTROLLER you plug this into. They BURNED out each of the 6 Lamptron''s channels in LESS that 5 MINUTES FROM PLUG IN TIME. I have to run these straight off the power supply with a 4-3 fan connector. Thank You For Your Time

Update from my last review
Reviewer:MaddMutt (10)
I now have purchased 2 of these and both FAIL at their RATED OUTPUT. This controller is RATED AT 45 WATTS per CHANNEL, this equals 12V - 45W = (3.75A). I had plugged into this controller a Koolance 120mm x 38mm High Speed 4000 RPM / 184 CFM Fan 2.0A. This controller DID HANDLE my DELTA fans that are RATED UNDER 2.0V. With the Koolance fans connected to this controller, the channel that they where plugged into BURNED OUT IN 5MIN. I now have have 1 completely dead controller and the other with 3 of 6 controllers dead. Thank You For Your Time

They have fixed most of it''s problems
Reviewer:MaddMutt (10)
I purchased mine about 1yr ago and it''s still going strong. I have 3 190+ CFM Delta''s on my rad that connected to this. My only problem with it is my water cooler res sprung a leak and this was below it. After clean up and letting the item dry for a few days, controller 2 is no longer working.(

correction, no good
Reviewer:flatsixdc (22)
Didn''t last long. I don''t recall what the problem was, but I switched to the Lian Li 6-fan controller months ago and haven''t had any trouble with it.

Highly Disappointed
Reviewer:Wcchamp (2)
I tried this on 5 different fans and this product would not operate any of them as it is designed to. I had to turn the controller nob to 50% before the fan would begin to spin up and then the fan would be at almost 100% speed. At no time could i get the controller to operate the fans at anywhere near 50% or lower speeds.

Reviewer:Valus (2)
Using with 6 Everflow fans(also tested with several other brands and models), Unit sparks when Plugging into Molex to power supply which is scary, Also this unit Makes a high pitched whine noise when turning any Fan below 75% on the knobs. At 50% fans just get turned off, when turning fans on they won''t turn on until you turn the knob up to 25% but you get the high pitch whine until you turn the knob up to 75%. I Can change fan speeds via motherboard better than this unit. I also have some manuel 1 channel fan controllers that work better than this. Possibly i recived a Defective product or it requires specific type sof fans to work properly. Also the 12v 4pin main molex connector was put together horribly they like rigged 3 femal plugs, one main then added a secondary wire with 2 more leads which i could probbaly pull apart because it''s so shabby potential fire hazard due to wires being exposed

Nicer than the FC4
Reviewer:flatsixdc (22)
This replaced my FC-4, a 4-fan controller. (Why is the 6-fan controller FC-2?) This has a thick piece of machined aluminum for a faceplate instead of the cheap thin stamped metal of the FC-4. And the knobs have a satisfying resistance to them with a positive click at the on/off point (also missing on the FC-4).