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Mod/Smart Supreme Kobra System Sleeving Kit - UV Green (SKIT2S-UVG)
Part #: slt-26
Price: $22.95
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Reviewer:Gary (5)
I had no problems wit the tools don''t know what the fork one is for but the other three worked great. I did run short on 1/4 inch heatshrink & sleeving thats only because I am braiding my power supply not a problem I will order more what I need.

Great kit for the money
Reviewer:redfish (2)
Unbeatable price on a complete DIY kit. The tools included are NOT as pictured- comes with 1 round molex tool, 1 single-prong tool (useful for SATA cables), 1 dual prong tool for ATX/PCI-E cables, and a 4-prong tool that seems to serve no purpose. The tools worked great once I got the hang of them. The heatshrink is not the best, it shrinks with enough heat and is NOT UV reactive. The sleeving, however, is very nice and glows quite prettily under a UV light.

Reviewer:threedd97 (1)
You need a UV light to make it glow. That''s why yours aren''t glowing.

Reviewer:Nastyku (1)
I thought this was going to be a good buy, considering what it came with, ect. But theres so much pointless stuff.. the 3 clips things, are incredibly hard to use. they''re pointless. The fork pin remover is weak. the other one killed my hands. and 1/4-1/8-3/8 are danmn near the same size. you can only fit 3 wires per 1/4 really. without it bulging looking bad. the saddle ties are good though. and it shows the heatshrink to be glowing. it doesnt.