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Mod/Smart Supreme Kobra System Sleeving Kit - UV Orange (SKIT2S-UVO)
Part #: slt-28
Price: $22.95
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Skip the tools
Reviewer:ealleniii (5)
Pros: * Sleeving looks great under a blacklight. * Molex tool works. * Comes with cable ties, mounts, and other things that are nice to have. * Cheaper than buying all items individually. Cons: * Heatshrink is not florescent. * Every other tool but the molex connector is too flimsy to use without great care. * Not enough sleeving. Sounds like a lot but think about it: you have 10 24" 1/4" cables, and 5 24" 1/2" cables. * No 1/8" cable. There is another kit that is the same price that has the 1/8" cable. Get that, and buy decent tools.

Not what I expected
Reviewer:GoNuts461 (3)
ATX tool is junk, broke it on the 3rd pin. It''s made of very soft material, almost like copper. I''ll make a new insert out of steel before i continue to my 24-pin. Sleeving is not large enough for ATX bundle, neither is the shrink wrap. Sleeving only expands about 1/8" more than it''s nominal ID making it a pain to get over existing molex pins still on the wires. The color is amazing, it is exactly how i wanted it. The additional stickey backs and tie-wraps are great and the molex removal tool works great! I am sleeving a small Apevia Q-Box PSU so length is perfect on the sleeving, but i recomend ordering larger sleeving and shrink tubing for the ATX bundle. This product is a great start to sleeving a PSU, just be aware, it''s not the best of quality. This is my first project sleeving, so i am not completely negative, i don''t have any more experience to base it on. Good luck and be patient!