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Mod/Smart Professional Kobra System Sleeving Kit - UV Red (SKIT2P-UVR)
Part #: slt-35
Price: $41.95
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A little misleading
Reviewer:buzznut (12)
This is a comprehensive sleeving kit that has a lot of extras you don''t normally find in a kit. I sleeved a whole computer with this and I didn''t come up short with anything. The 18 gauge wire was a nice touch and I found it to be quite handy. My major misgiving with this product is it being listed as a UV red kit. This is a true, dark red sleeving and looks very nice and is high density but it is NOT UV reactive. Under UV light it just looks dark, same as black sleeving. This is a major problem in my book as I certainly did want a UV reactive kit. Even with this major faux pas, I still think this kit deserves a 4 out of 5. I found the quality of everything to be very good and mostly useful, although I have no idea who would use all those purse locks!