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DIY Window Kit - LL LAG Window w/ 120mm Blow Hole (13.20" x 14.40")
Part #: asw-33
Price: $15.99
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Ugh, where to start?
Reviewer:buzznut (12)
I like the unusual shape and fan hole placement. I am modding a plain jane box for my sister and it has been very trying. However part of this is my ignorance and first time modding a window, so I give the product a 3. First off, it didn''t include the washer which I assumed I didn''t need but could have saved me many hours of frustration had they included it. It really is necessary to get the correct hole size. Also I really don''t recommend using a dremel for cutting, use a nibbler or a jigsaw. The molding and window was a real bear to get in, my hands are still cramped from the torture. Once the window was in, I could see no conceivable way to put the "lock" in place. I recommend you pay the extra for a bolt on to save yourself some heartache and wasted hours. Or do as some pros and simply tape the plexi on the inside of the case and just stick u channel around the hole you''ve cut. Much better idea. Sigh.