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Zalman ZM-MFC3 Multi-Fan Speed Controller / Temp Monitor
Part #: bus-203
Price: $79.99
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Its capable of MUCH more output power
Reviewer:DightalMint (4)
Get some to that hight-conductivity "white" thermal pad (available elsewhere on FCPU), apply it between the PCB and the bay chassis, and be amazed. We''ve gotten like 5 AMPS per channel out of these things. A small fan and heatsink epoxy (make sure its not conductive first!) plus a clip-on heatsink works great as well.

Good Product
Reviewer:Sanguine (4)
I bought it for the Real time CVS power load monitoring function. All the other monitor works as well, the only complaint is the female 12v power connector is not firmly attached to the unit. So you have to be careful plugging in or removing the connector. It snap off the board, then you have to snap it back.

Low Watt/Ch.
Reviewer:J.Vaughan (15)
The device works as advertised, the front end display is beautiful and its viewable from just about all angles. On the read out the numbers are ultra-crisp. The Power Load Monitor is a nice feature, but being that my system draws +1000w I wasn''t able to get much use out of it. A few cons: - Not able to completely shut off fans - No alarm/shut-off features - Very Low Watt/Channel (10 maybe?) ^ I wasn''t even able to run two 4.8w fans off a single channel without it limiting both fans. -It monitors/controls the fans RPM speeds in intervals of 10, which isn''t so bad but be prepared for it to read ~ 10 rpm short of your fans max RPM. It does come with most of the cables you''d need including a y-splitter. The rotator knob and button feel like they are of a decent quality, the controller it self will probably take a little less than just half of your 5.25 drive bay depth wise. I did not run the unit long enough to test its longevity, Zalman does offer a 1yr warranty on the product though.

Why 5 stars on a product that breaks?
Reviewer:HASTE (4)
The reason I chose the Zalman controller is due to it''s looks. The wattage feature is nice, but my UPS has wattage as well, both read the same wattage, so I would say the Zalman gives a correct reading. I took away two stars for two reasons. 1) The channels cannot handle much current, I have two fans wired in parallel to one channel, the fans are capable of 1600RPM but using two on one channel cuts the max RPM to around 1000. My older CM controller could run 3 fans on one channel without a problem. 2) My 4th channel, as stated in a previous review, also broke and is no longer adjustable. Although it WOULD power 4 fans at 1600RPM. I would probably look harder at the other products before purchasing this unit unless the problems that I''ve stated do not bother you. I just wish the other products didn''t look so over the top! And BTW, the picture shows a silver display, when, in reality, the background is blue with white letters. While it''s not nearly as blue/bright as my CM, the pictures are all obviously B&W and do not represent the working color of the product. When picking for aesthetics, it doesn''t go with my "red" themed case as the pictures suggest(being neutral vs blue).

looks good with easy to use and read panel
Reviewer:Dr Mod (1)
I brought one of these fan controllers because of the features like real-time power load readings and i needed to be able to adjust 4 fans inside my computer case. After about one day the PWM fan was making a irritable high pitch noise and suddenly the fan runs full speed and no longer is adjustable.Would RMA but shipping from Australia alone cost more than the device!

Zalman ZM-MFC3 Multi Fan Controller
Reviewer:Trubritar (4)
The Zalman ZM-MFC3 Multi Fan Controller is a high quality, easy to install, user friendly fan controller that would suit both the Novice and PC Enthusiast. The Real time CVS power load monitoring function is a great feature for providing power consumption to the user. A full video review of this item is available on Trubritar Videos on Youtube.