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Logisys UV 12" LED Sunlight Stick (ML12UV)
Part #: lit-180
Price: $5.99
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Not that bright
Reviewer:Derk (1)
Not a very intense form of UV lighting.

Only need one to light up my 800D like the 4th of July
Reviewer:Hypermiler314 (7)
I did have 2 UV cold cathodes, was very dim in my giant 800D case. Just hooked up this thing, it is BRIGHT! I know everyone is saying that but it really is insanely bright

not true UV
Reviewer:mephistophles (4)
I''m using Swiftech hoses, Feser One UV reactive fluid, and Wildfire UV paint for highlights. Cold cathodes set off ALL of these details, with much sensitivity. The sunlight stick, sadly, could not. These things are definitely bright, but the light is tacky and there''s very little to no UV effect. CCFL''s are still the way to go if you want REAL UV...these are reminiscent of those phony blacklights you''d find in a discount gag store when you were a kid.

I''m shocked.
Reviewer:Fireagle (8)
I bought 2 of these uv sunlight sticks, and 2 of the green sticks in a half-X case. These are MEGA ULTRA bright, they didn''t come dead and don''t have an inverter! Pros: Invertless, long wire, molex, bright, won''t die like a CCFL Cons: These are very directional lights and mainly only light up 1 way and not a whole 360 like a CCFL

Extremely Bright!
Reviewer:LiLxCharlie999 (4)
- This is an excellent product and I highly recommend it. - This light is incredibly bright in all lighting conditions, including broad daylight and has a very long power cable (roughly 26") with the ability to daisy chain additional units. - Lastly, this light does not require an inverter, thus making installation much simper.

Reviewer:Wolfman (1)
I put one of these in my case and it brightened everything up. I was worried that about how much light they would put out, but my concerns vanished the second I plugged it in. I can clearly see every corner of my case thanks to one of these. The only thing bad I have to say is that the Velcro stickers provided for mounting are less than adequate (as in, didnít hold at all).

Whole lot better that cold cathodes
Reviewer:Silent54 (15)
Initially, I had two Lamptron cold cathode UV lights. Both of them together were ok but you have to be dead on for case placement to benefit. I received one of these LED UV lights the other day. I blacked out my room and powered it up. I turned it in the direction of my UV tubing which was about 6-7 feet away and the whole coil lite up. Amazing. I had to bring the tubing to within 1-2 feet of the cold cathodes to get them to light up the tubing. One of these will more than light up your case with UV light. I just bought a second because they are so good. Plus they are half the price of some cold cathodes especially the inverterless ones.

Reviewer:Steve (12)
These things work great! They are bright and just one will light up your entire case nicely with UV light. Everything is a-glow in my case and I''m using two of these.

Works better than Cold Cathode Tubes
Reviewer:lynxxyarly (1)
I hate the inverters and this is why I opted for this setup. I have one currently in my system and it does a really nice job of lighting up the primochill UV green hoses I have installed. I will now forever use these instead of Cold Cathode tubes.

Really nice compared to cold cathode.
Reviewer:IanHM (5)
Unlike cold cathode these are all bright no dim ones randomly. No inverter needed and no noise like the cold cathodes can make. Also nice and bright. The only downfall is that they are directional and do not spread light 360 degrees. More like 120-150.