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FrozenCPU Dual Voltage 6 Port Baybus w/ Blue/Red LED
Part #: bus-11
Price: $28.99
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Don''t order with bay cover!
Reviewer:Bzzeigler (3)
I ordered this for my Corsair 800D, premounted in the Lian Li bay cover. Simply put, I wasted $22 having it installed in this bay cover. They neglected to mention ANYWHERE on both this page, and the Lian Li 5.25" Bay Cover pages (both black and silver) that these will only mount in a Lian Li case. I haven''t even bothered trying out the controller as I have to first devise a method for mounting this in my case.

Far from perfect
Reviewer:Franzkefka (13)
But i guess thats what you get when something is hand made. i recieved mine and a few of the switches werent exactly straight one was higher than the others, not a biggy i bent them back as close as i could, just made the install into a Lian li Front panel a bit tougher. and seccondly. WAY prior to Installing and powering up, between each switch is a Transistor? or resistor?, little flat black chip with 3 legs, pay very good attention to weather or not those are touching the sides of the switches, if they do bend them away very carefully. as it will short the baybus, cause switches to not work properly and electrify your case. after i got all that worked out, this is really an amazing Baybus, i dont expect to replace this one anytime soon. would recommend to someone to buy. and would/will buy again

Cool Device
Reviewer: ()
I first purchased this about two years ago. Since than, It has performed without a hitch. I do not use all the ports but the LEDs on the ones I do use are still shining brightly. There was a period in between the two years in which I removed it for a couple of months. It got banged around in my drawer, but it worked like the day I bought it when I re-installed it. Can''t go wrong. One downside. Due to the location of my computer the bright LEDs tend to get annoying. I would prefer the device to come without LEDs. The switch position speaks for itself. I don''t need an LED telling me what speed its at.

So so...
Reviewer: ()
Controller works great, I love the layout and ease of use. Good adjustability on low speed voltage. Only nag is 6 months later, almost all of the LEDs have burnt out. :(

Reviewer:trenchdog (1)
Was looking for a cheap 6 fan control and I found one. Works great, BRIGT leds, Fun toggle switches lol. make sure ur fans are on high if they have a swith control built in or it wont be able to go to high from the switch. Thin, clean controller. I had it preinstalled on the black tray cover, came perfectly installed, no scratches, good deal.