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Logisys 12" Inverterless True-Color CCFL Light Bar - Frontal 180 Lighting - Blue
Part #: lit-181
Price: $21.99
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Get it Sleeved!
Reviewer:wtucey (1)
The light isn''t muddled like the cheap cold cathodes you get for under $10. I paid for the sleeving as well and am impressed. They do a great job and I''ve since ordered four 3 pin extensions also all sleeved. Loving this website for hard to find items.

Reviewer:stearnsscsu (2)
I had the custom sleeving and heat-shrink done and it looks amazing! The light is VERY bright! I had it sitting in a visible location and it would blind me every time I walked in the door. I recently moved it toward the top of the case and it much better. The blue light actually makes the UV sleeving glow like a UV light. I have only had it about a month so I cannot answer for life cycle yet.