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One case to rule them all.
Iíve been building custom rigs for over twenty years, and in that time I have seen the industry bloom from its infancy in the early nineties to the massively customizable market of today. With todayís seemingly unlimited number of choices for housings, I wanted to choose a case that would last through several generations of system builds, and to this end, decided to go with Lian Liís PC-343B. The PC-343Bís modular nature, mixed with its unprecedented roomy interior will fit this niche for several generations of hardware to come. Whether you are a fan (Pun intended) of old school air cooling, or care to take on a complex multi loop water cooling setup, you cannot beat the ease of customization presented by the PC-343B. As noted by other reviewers, this case is truly a monster, quite capable of handling most things you want to throw either at it or in it. Mix this with the plethora of bay devices, bay converters, drive enclosures and aftermarket as well as OEM parts available for it, and you have a literal infinite number of possible configurations from which to choose from for your next build. I ordered this case with a few modest mod supplies just prior to the big Memorial Day weekend holiday, and true to Frozen CPUís customer centric nature, the order was processed, packed well, shipped and delivered with the speed and grace of a cheetah on the prowl. I have come to expect nothing less than superb service from Frozen CPU, and again with this latest order, they prove why I will remain a loyal customer.