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These fans are offically off trial status... and in my spare parts bag
Ok folks, update from my other review. I''ve only spent about a week with these fans, and I have removed them from my list of hard working hardware. In my last review, I questioned the durability of these fans, and my fears were confirmed. The first couple of days they were great, keeping my hard drive temps nice and cool (41 celcius under load). Less than two weeks later, my hard drive spikes to 47 celcius under load, during the same conditions. And As I suspected, these fans, though rated at 11db, are LOUDER than the 20 db zalman fans they replaced. They also let me down, with my whole rig spiking to tempatures I havn''t seen at all with other fans. Funny, my zalman fans (when ran in silenced mode - 20db, 900 rpm, 39cfm) are quieter, and push more air using less RPM''s than these SilenX fans. Oh, if you DO buy these fans, make sure you don''t bend the fan blades. Elcheapo Plastic. However, my 5 star rating for still stands. They did their job, got me the product I paid for, and advertised the exact specs that SilenX puts out for these fans. I WILL return to FrozenCPU to purchase all of my cooling needs from now on. However, I will NOT purchase another SilenX product. Hope all of you ''chill!''
Plenty of pros, but questionable build quality.
Have you ever gone car shopping, and focused your selection on the vehicle with the most ''standard features''? When you really paid attention to the car, you realized that vehicle had a quality that was subpar compared to other vehicles (think Kia Rio vs. Toyota Corolla)? Well, this is the same thing with this fan. This thing is great on paper, and they ARE quiet. However, I do question the quality of this fan. They are lightweight, and just seem flimsy to the touch. If you just want to cool your rig, and cool it very quietly, then these are the fans for you. If you want something with a better build quality, then I''d look at another brand, like Zalman or Scythe. They offer fans with comparable db ratings, and push almost as much air, but will last longer, and are a few dollars cheaper too. When these go out in about 6 months, I''ll buy some Scythe fans. But these are nice for now. However, FrozenCPU did ship these SUPER FAST! I love the service from FrozenCPU, but I just don''t LOVE these fans...