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skypine27 (4) Results: 1-4 of 4
Great Fan
Like it alot. Moves a lot of air (as advertised) and is quiet too (as advertisded). The fan unit itself is silent, the airflow it creates generates the noise. I run it on a 3 pin header at full RPM. Again, all you hear is the airflow. A tad bit ugly, but my case isn''t open for show anyway. A bit hard to cram inside a small case too.
Great fan IF....
...if your mobo is a modern one that fully supports the 4pin CPU fan control stuff. (My asus Rampage formula does). On my system, when the system is idle, the fan spins at 734RPM and is dead silent. When I put a big load on the CPU (like video encoding), the fan will spool up to about 1300 RPM. Then you definitely can hear it. Under super heavy load, I got the fan to spin up to 2000RPM at which point it is definitely loud. But, it''s doing is job, ie varying the RPM automatically depending on CPU temp. Great fan.
Pretty sure it didn''t do anything. I dont think my PSU was causing any additional noise in my system via vibration against the case. Of course, I don''t think it did any harm either.