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Fun while they last.
Felt the need to post again to help anyone considering these, since I''ve had a few of them for a long time now...At least, I''d like to say "a long time". As in my previous post, the two mounted vertically to my hard drive bays were the only survivors after a year of use. I''m writing this to report that the other two have almost simultaneously, as of this posting date, begun acting like washing machines on the spin cycle. Very energetic washing machines. I don''t know how they both managed to start falling apart at the same time, but this failure is well before the supposed "130,000 hours!" mark. Not saying I didn''t love ''em, but when the fan is picky about orientation AND fails a very long while before it''s slated R.I.P. date? Well, that''s too much. Maybe I just got 5 bad fans all at once.
High hopes...
Beautiful, solid construction. At first glance you get everything you payed for, and maybe a bit more. I originally bought one to test it out. Set it in vertically, worked great for cooling off my hard drives. Waited two weeks, bought four others. Three to mount to the top exhaust of my CM ATCS 840, one other for the other spot next to the hard drives. Only 2 of them have survived the past year, so, 3 stars. Apparently, placing these in the horizontal position does something to their bearings. One stopped completely, one started making grating noises, one started rattling and could never spin up totally. HOWEVER, once these fans were removed from the case and placed in a vertical position, they ran perfectly. Also, they run louder than the specs say. As long as you don''t buy them for any horizontal application, you''ll be perfectly well satisfied, because they definitely move a lot of air.
I actually bought the 4.8g tube, but it won''t let me place a review there. . . Regardless, simply replacing the TIM on the stock heatsink that comes with a retail i7 920 with this wonderful diamond compound dropped my temps by approx. 10 degrees Celsius. Amazingly efficient, and easy to recommend to anyone else out there.