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Binhiemi (14) Results: 1-14 of 14
Works great as long you follow the self explanatory picture..
Manage to increased my vcore on my mobo to 1.5ish volts without a hitch although I''m not so sure how far I can increase the voltage on watercooling Note that if you''re an owner of a PT6V2 Deluxe then you would need a WMST-73NP & a WMST-83NP
Noise? what noise?
Full speed, only thing you''ll hear is the air flowing through these which makes those fan speed adapters useless to make those fan any quieter then they already are. Heck my Power Supply is way nosier then these, so far I order about 10 of these fans and never had to send a RMA.
Very noisy clicky sound whenever you have a flow going through this meter, although everything else works just fine...
Works for now but how about later?
Manage to cut fan ports out wayy faster then I were to use a dremel or a powertool to make a bunch of holes.. But it''s also wearing down my hands and the nibbler is also already wearing down after using this for about a half a month
Works great :]
Plugged 4 fans directly to the psu without having to make a mess in my case
Works as advertised
Using it has for my Ambient temperature of my case and adjust my fan setup on my liquid cooling setup to achieve the best possible airflow internally with my current setup
too simple
plug and play without turning on your motherboard :]
Get what you pay for :]
abit thick and gooey but heck after I''ve tried this I didn''t look back with artic silver after seeing the temps drop