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adam (11) Results: 1-11 of 11
nice idea
as long as this thing doesnt break on me its great, makes 2 pumps run together so if one ever goes out the other will pick up the slack if you have a dual loop.
great looking and they have good flow
they are great looking, not very bright, just enough light to see the blue and thats it, i didnt want super bright fans, if i want more light i would get a cathode. these things move some seriose air, i have no idea what this other guy is talking about. i have around 20 of these things and every one of them move alot of air, if you put them face down some can actualy hover slightly (depends on how straight the frame is)but dont listen to the db rating, my computer sounds like a big freezer motor that just kicked on. you might wanna get a fan controller if you wanna drop the sound a bit. all in all i like them alot.