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The Art of Cooling - Week Eight

Star Trek Themed PC

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Warp Core Wonder

Welcome to Week Eight of our "Art of Cooling" series, proudly sponsored by Aqua Computer. This week, we're thrilled to beam you aboard an interstellar journey with Wayne Berry from Port Saint Lucie, FL, whose passion for Star Trek has fueled the creation of a PC build inspired by the iconic Enterprise D’s warp core. With a design that channels the spirit of the beloved sci-fi series, Wayne’s setup not only pays homage to the aesthetics of Star Trek but also pushes the boundaries of custom PC performance. Join us as we explore this celestial tribute to one of the most influential science fiction universes ever envisioned.


What was the inspiration for the build?

I absolutely love Star Trek, and the build is inspired by the Enterprise D’s warp core.

How do you plan for a build?

As far as planning the build, I drew it out on a napkin while watching Star Trek TNG. I got the idea to use a Thermaltake Core P90 from previous builds with the chassis. With my previous builds in the P90 chassis I often thought about how large and awkward it really is with lots of voids. It was the perfect choice!

I found a 3D STL for a TNG era warp core and went about printing it. It fit perfectly within the center space of the two glass panels, and I wanted to make the CPU loop go through the center just like the warp core seen on screen.

From there, I just added components and made all the PETG bends by hand. 

What components did you use?

PC’s components comprise of: Intel i7 12700K, 32GB DDR5-6000 (cl30) TeamGroup delta series ram, ASUS TUF B760m motherboard, 2x 2TB WD_Black SN850x NVMe SSD, ASUS DUAL RTX 4070, DeepCool PX850G 850w PSU. Water cooling components are 16mm Thermaltake PETG, Corsair HydroX CPU block, Barrow G4 compression fittings, Byski RGB compression fittings, Corsair ball valve, AlphaCool flow indicator, a custom made copper 360mm radiator, 3 DeepCool CF-120 Plus fans & a Freezemod pump/reservoir Case used: Thermaltake Core P90

Any new projects planned for the future?

Regarding new projects, yes- I have a few lined up for future release. My CES 2024 DeepBot build is getting a makeover and update with some new bits. The other projects, I’ll just leave them as a surprise.
I own a small SI called ApexAlpha Labs & like to do mod projects for myself as well as showcase my skillset. Sometimes I sell them, other ones I keep! 

What tips would you offer other builders?

Just have fun!

Congratulations to Wayne for winning $100 worth of Aqua Computer gear to further enhance this magnificent build. 

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