The Art of Cooling - Week Five – FrozenCPU


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The Art of Cooling - Week Five

Polybius PC in Arcade Custom Loop

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Polybius Found!

Welcome to Week Five of our "Art of Cooling" series sponsored by Aqua Computer! This week, we're diving into an extraordinary build by Sean from EazyPC, who has masterfully constructed a dual water cooled system integrated into an self-built arcade cabinet of the urban legend game, Polybius. Drawing inspiration from the uncharted corners of gaming folklore, Sean’s build features innovative lighting and design that pushes the boundaries of conventional PC setups, this build is a vibrant testament to creativity in PC modding. Join us as we explore the vivid details and unique story behind Sean's Polybius arcade project.


What was the inspiration for the build?

The inspiration was the Polybius arcade urban legend. I created the 2 PC in one custom loop to be an amazing living room PC.

How does it work?

The first PC is a 13700K, 32GB of RAM, and a 2080. The loop has two 360x60mm thick rads hidden in the arcade box. The case was all hand made with no CNC. There is also a Beelink N100 to run the arcade side. I modded two arcade buttons as the power buttons for both PCs. The monitor works for both computers with an HDMI splitter that has a remote to control which PC is displaying on the built in PC.

What tips would you offer other builders?

Buy good wood working tools. Also, the LAN Party's across the country are amazing communities. Weather going alone or in a group there are great times to be had. I have met amazing people and made life long memories. I can't suggest them enough if you have one locally.

Do you have any other water cooling build projects planned?

I am currently reworking and upgrading my Pokemon Yellow computer. This is in a CaseLabs S8. The interactive part of that build is a fully functional Gameboy as one of the side panels.

Congratulations to Sean for winning $100 worth of Aqua Computer gear to further enhance this magnificent build. 

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