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Logisys is one of the pioneers who brought CCFL and LED lighting to the PC industry, and one of the first to add color and introduce transparent materials to the beige dominated PC world. Logisys take pride in participating in the changes of the last decade by providing the latest design and highest quality products for people who view Logisys PC as a design piece instead of homogeneous electronic device.

FrozenCPU is your source for the latest Logisys Cases, Logisys LED lighting, Logisys 12 Volt Fans, Logisys CCFL Lighting, Logisys Power Supply Units.

Logisys Categories
12 Volt Computer Fans
  80mm x 25mm Fans  
12 Volt Fans - LED / UV
  80mm x 25mm LED Fans 80mm x 25mm UV Fans  
12 Volt Fans by CFM
  30 - 39 CFM Fans  
12 Volt Fans by dB
  25 - 29 dB Fans  
BitCoin Mining Cables
  PCI Express Adapters  
Cable Adapters
  Cable Adapters PCI Express Adapters SATA Adapters
Cases - Motherboard Type
Cases - Standard Sizes
  Gaming Cases Server Cases Mid-Tower Cases
Cold Cathode - Accessories
  Cold Cathode - Cables Cold Cathode - Inverters Cold Cathode - Sound Activation
Cold Cathode - Inverterless
  CCFL Light Bars - 12" CCFL Light Bars - 20"  
Cold Cathode - Kits
  4" Single CCFL 4" Dual CCFL 8" Dual CCFL
  6" Dual CCFL 12" Single CCFL 12" Dual CCFL
  15" Single CCFL  
Cold Cathode - Tubes
  Cold Cathode - Tubes 4" Cold Cathode - Tubes 8" Cold Cathode - Tubes 12"
  Cold Cathode - Tubes 15"  
Computer PSU Accessories
  PCI Express Adapters PSU Cables Surge Protectors
CPU Heatsinks - Socket
  CPU Socket AM2 CPU Socket AM2+ CPU Socket AM3
  CPU Socket LGA 115x CPU Socket LGA 2011 CPU Socket LGA 775
CPU Heatsinks/Coolers
  CPU Socket AM2 CPU Socket AM2+ CPU Socket AM3
  CPU Socket LGA 115x CPU Socket LGA 2011 CPU Socket LGA 775
Fan Cables
  Fan Cable Extensions  
Fan Controllers
  5.25" Controllers  
Flash Memory Card Readers
  3.5" Readers Black Readers  
Hardware Adapters
  SATA Adapters  
Home Theater Cabinet Accessories
  Cabinet Cable Adapters Cabinet Cable Extensions  
Home Theater Cabinet Lighting
  CCFL Light Bars - 12" CCFL Light Bars - 20" LED Corner Sticks - 8"
  LED Corner Sticks -16" LED Corner Sticks - 24" LED Strip
LAN Party Gear
  Misc. Gear  
LED Lighting
  Lazer LED LED Strip Meteor Light Sticks
  Sunlight Sticks LED Corner Sticks - 8" LED Corner Sticks -16"
  LED Corner Sticks - 24"  
Mice & Keyboards
  Illuminated Keyboards  
Multi-Function Panels
  5.25" Multifunction USB Panels  
PC Gaming
  Gaming Keyboards  
PSU Cables
  12V EPS Adapters 4-Pin Molex Extension PCI Express Adapters
  PSU Cables  
Remotes & Switch Cabling
  Remote Control  
  Remote Control  
Temperature Monitors
  5.25" Temp. Monitors  
USB Cables / Adapters
  iPhone USB Cables  
VGA Heatsinks/Coolers
  ATI/AMD Card NVIDIA Card Universal Card
Computer Power Supply - Brand
  PSU - Logisys  
Computer Power Supply Units
  PC Power Supply 700W +  
PC Tools
  Misc. Tools Surge Protectors  

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"I''ve placed about a dozen orders for various parts over the last few weeks. The time from submitting the order to being shipped is so short, it doesn''t even seem real. I''ve called a few times asking for help locating a few specific items, and everyone I''ve talked to knew exactly what I needed. Red Harbinger told me about FrozenCPU... and I''m glad they did. This is the go to place for all things PC."

- David Bixler
   June 03, 2015

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