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Akasa design and manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality technology products including Akasa coolers, Akasa heatsinks and Akasa fans. We work closely with Intel and AMD to ensure our products match the complex demands of CPU and form-factor technology. So when new, advanced technology arrives, Akasa have the products and expertise to make it work for you.

Akasa have extensive design and development capability in Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our thermal engineers are equipped with sophisticated computer modeling software for measuring noise and case vibrations, airflow, static pressure and temperature control. We are specifically developing advanced expertise in energy saving and silent operation technology. New products are subject to rigorous testing before committing them to market.

Akasa is 100% dedicated to serving customers with reliable products which provide certainty in use. We never compromise product quality. We use high grade materials sourced from dependable suppliers. All our products are manufactured under strict quality control standards managed from our Taiwan office.

Akasa own and manage manufacturing plant in China with modern facilities including computer aided precision tooling and injection molding. For specialist technology requirements we have a network of strategic partners in China, Taiwan and Europe.

Akasa is a leading supplier of thermal solutions to the global electronics industry: PC, IPC, electronic manufacturing and contract manufacturing. Our products are employed in numerous applications from sophisticated scientific IT to robust mechanical devices.

Expert knowledge at your service
When the problem is unwanted heat, Akasa have the expertise to help you deliver a winning solution.
We work with customers on product configuration to determine the most effective thermal solution. Whatever the problem, thermal failure in an existing product or too much heat in a new system, we have the expertise to solve it.
For free advice on how we can help improve the thermal performance of your products, contact info @ akasa . com . tw

Akasa retail brand
Our innovative end-user products are sold under the distinctive Akasa brand through etailers and retailers worldwide. We have hundreds of Akasa branded products including cables, coolers, card readers, cases, external enclosures, fans in many colours, notebook coolers and power supplies, Akasa products regularly win industry awards.

Akasa Categories
12 Volt Computer Fans
  120mm x 25mm Fans 140mm x 25mm Fans 25mm x 10mm Fans
  40mm x 10mm Fans 50mm x 10mm Fans 60mm x 25mm Fans
  70mm x 15mm Fans 80mm x 25mm Fans 92mm x 25mm Fans
  RGB 12 Volt Computer Fans  
12 Volt Fans - LED / UV
  40mm x 10mm LED Fans 80mm x 25mm LED Fans 120mm x 25mm LED Fans
  140mm x 25mm LED Fans  
12 Volt Fans - PWM
  80mm x 10mm PWM Fans 92mm x 25mm PWM Fans 120mm x 15mm PWM Fans
  120mm x 25mm PWM Fans 140mm x 25mm PWM Fans  
12 Volt Fans by CFM
  0 - 9 CFM Fans 10 - 19 CFM Fans 20 - 29 CFM Fans
  30 - 39 CFM Fans 40 - 49 CFM Fans 50 - 59 CFM Fans
  60 - 69 CFM Fans 70 - 79 CFM Fans 80 - 89 CFM Fans
  100 - 119 CFM Fans  
12 Volt Fans by dB
  15 - 19 dB Fans 20 - 24 dB Fans 25 - 29 dB Fans
  30 - 34 dB Fans 35 - 39 dB Fans 45 - 49 dB Fans
AC 115V Fans
  AC / DC Adapters  
AC Adapters/Controllers
  AC / DC Adapters  
Audio / Video Cables
  Audio Cables DVI Adapters HDMI Adapters
  HDMI Cables  
BitCoin Mining Cables
  PCI Express Adapters  
Cable Adapters
  Cable Adapters PCI Express Adapters SATA Adapters
  PCI Expansion Slot Port Replicators / Adapters  
Cases - Media Center (HTPC)
  NUC Cases  
Cases - Motherboard Type
  Mini ITX NUC  
Cases - Standard Sizes
  NUC Cases Fanless Cases  
Computer Bags
  iPad Cases Laptop Accessories  
Computer PSU Accessories
  PCI Express Adapters  
CPU Heatsinks - Brand
  CPU Heatsinks - Akasa  
CPU Heatsinks - Socket
  CPU Socket 754 CPU Socket 939/940 CPU Socket AM2
  CPU Socket AM2+ CPU Socket AM3 CPU Socket LGA 115x
  CPU Socket LGA 1366 CPU Socket LGA 2011 CPU Socket LGA 775
CPU Heatsinks - Style
  Low Profile CPU  
CPU Heatsinks/Coolers
  Low Profile CPU CPU Socket 754 CPU Socket 939/940
  CPU Socket AM2 CPU Socket AM2+ CPU Socket AM3
  CPU Socket LGA 115x CPU Socket LGA 1366 CPU Socket LGA 2011
  CPU Socket LGA 775  
Fan Cables
  4 Pin Y Fan Cable Extensions Fan Cabling
  PWM Cabling  
Fan Controllers
  5.25" Controllers High Watt/Amp Controller Rheobus Controllers
Fan Filters
  120mm Fan Filters  
Flash Memory Card Readers
  3.5" Readers Black Readers Silver Readers
  Bluetooth Readers  
  Expansion Cards  
Hardware Adapters
  SAS Adapters SATA Adapters 2.5" HDD Enclosures
HDD Enclosures / Adapters
  2.5" HDD Adapters 2.5" HDD Enclosures 2.5" HDD Hot-Swap
  3.5" HDD Adapters 3.5" HDD Hot-Swap  
HDD Hot-Swap Racks
  2.5" HDD Hot-Swap 3.5" HDD Hot-Swap  
Home Theater Cabinet Accessories
  AC / DC Adapters Thermal Controlled DC Fans  
Home Theater Cabinet Lighting
  LED Strip  
Laptop Coolers
  Laptop Accessories USB Powered Widescreen
LED Cables
  LED Power Cables  
LED Lighting
  LED Strip LED Control Boards  
  LED Accessories LED Control Boards  
Lighting Accessories
  LED Accessories LED Power Cables  
Mice & Keyboards
  Mouse Pads  
Misc Case Parts
  2.5" HDD Adapters 3.5" HDD Adapters  
Multi-Function Panels
  3.5" Multifunction 5.25" Multifunction USB Panels
Panel Converters
  5.25" to 3.5" External / Floppy  
PC Gaming
  Gaming Mousepads  
PSU Cables
  12V EPS Adapters 12V EPS Extensions 20/24-Pin Extension
  6-Pin PCI-E Extensions 8-Pin PCI-E Extension PCI Express Adapters
  SATA Power Adapters  
Rackmount / Media Component Cooling
  Media Component Cooling  
RGB Computer Fans
  RGB 12 Volt Computer Fans RGB 5 Volt Computer Fans  
Rounded Cables
  Motherboard Cables USB Adapters  
SAS Cables
  SAS Adapters  
SATA 3.0 Cables
  SATA 3.0 18" -90 to 180 SATA 3.0 36" -90 to 180 SATA 3.0 15cm - 180
  SATA 3.0 30cm - 180 SATA 3.0 50cm - 180 SATA 3.0 Slim
  eSATA Cables SATA Cable Adapter  
Thermal Pads / Tape
  Thermal Pad - 1.5mm Thermal Pad - 5.0mm Thermal Tape
USB Accessories
  USB Accessories  
USB Cables / Adapters
  External USB Cables Internal USB Cables PCI Slot USB
  USB Adapters  
VGA Heatsinks/Coolers
  ATI/AMD Card NVIDIA Card Universal Card
Sleeving Kits
  System Sleeving Kit  
Wire Management
  Cable Organizers Extension Cables Fan Cabling
  System Sleeving Kit  

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