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I&H Accessories
My name is Ian Hall. I started I&H accessories unintentionally from a hobby project in 2005. I looked to solve an annoying problem with ramsink mounting, and in the process invented one of the first unified heatsinks for high performance GPU's. After the creation went public, demand was high enough to justify a small production batch. The first batch sold near instantly, as did subsequent production runs.
I soon realized that wherever there was a genuine hole in the market, there would be a demand for it to be filled.

My mission is not to produce products that are already available, but to improve upon them, to innovate, and to give people products they never even realized they wanted. I am passionate about this hobby, in fact, I am passionate about everything I do. I take great pride in producing products that demonstrate the utmost value, quality, ease of use, and aesthetics. It gives me joy to make things that give others joy.
Every product I make is 100% made in the USA, down to the nuts and bolts. I have traveled across the world to many beautiful countries, and loved all of them. This world is an amazing place. The fact of the matter is, I love my country the most, for its good and bad, and take pride in supporting it. This also gives me the ultimate level of quality control over my products.

In four years of doing business, and thousands of products sold, I can count the amount of returns on one hand.
Perhaps by the time I retire, I may make it to my feet. Every product I make passes through my hands, and almost all production is handled personally by me. Any items that are not handled personally, are inspected by me, and pass through my hands. Sometimes I have trouble supplying stock because of this, but that is the way I like to keep it.
I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about what makes me tick, and thank you for your interest in my company, and my products.

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"Well, I waited long enough to speak up about what a great job the crew over at FrozenCPU has done. I had done extensive research on this latest liquid-loop and set up my parts list, put in my order and got things rolling. Immediately they called me to let me know the quad radiator I picked was no longer in stock and that they could either order an equivalent from the same manufacturer OR a substitution from a different brand and kindly provided excellent alternative suggestions. While I mulled over the price for a part 40$ over they knocked down the price twice to eventually match my original pick and were awesome to talk to the whole time. From my experience you just can''t get the same quality of service from larger competitors. I''m already gearing up for the next order!"

- Jorge S.
   November 16, 2018

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