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Aquacomputer All products are developed and manufactured in Germany. Here, most products are produced entirely in-house. The development of all products made ​​exclusively from Aqua Computer. Our products meet the highest quality standards. We believe that all nuclear powers should lie directly in their own company. Therefore encompasses the mechanical production of metal and plastic components of any kind as well as the development of electronic components directly on our company and is not executed by foreign companies. For this, the complete development of electronic controllers heard from the board layout of the firmware programming to application programming. Equally naturally, the production of prototypes and patterns. Aquacomputer has extensive manufacturing capacity for the metal and plastic processing. These include the CNC laser cutting with high power CO 2 lasers, CNC milling, turning and grinding. In addition, we are provided with our Nd: YAG laser engraving in a position to virtually all materials with high quality laser engraving. Other possibilities in the surface processing such as grinding and polishing round out our capabilities. For more detailed tasks such as quality powder coating or anodising we work together with powerful German partners. To get an idea of our services, offers, moreover, to the visit of arguably the world's largest manufacturers of water cooling forum - of course on our website.

Aquacomputer Categories
Cable Adapters
  Cable Adapters  
Chipset Heatsinks/Coolers
  Misc. Chipsinks  
Coolant - Brand
  Alphacool Fluids  
Fan Controllers
  Thermal Controllers  
  Fitting Plugs Fitting Adapters Flow / Temp. Meters
  SLI Connectors Misc. Connectors  
  6mm x 8mm Fittings  
Liquid Cooling Safety
  Aquaero Series Liquid Flow Indicators Liquid Pressure Sensors
  Liquid Temp Sensors Pressure Valve Software & Controllers
PC Water Cooling Pumps
  Water Pumps D5 Pump Tops DDC Pump Tops
  Pump Accessories Pump/Resevoir Combo Radiator/Pump/Res Combo
PC Water Cooling Radiator Accessories
  Radiator Grills - 140 Radiator Grills - 240 Radiator Grills - 280
  Radiator Grills - 360 Radiator Grills - 420 Radiator Grills - 480
  Radiator Accessories  
PC Water Cooling Radiators
  120mm Dual 120mm Triple 140mm Single
  140mm Triple 140mm Sextuple Modular Radiators
  Extreme Radiators Radiator/Pump/Res Combo  
PC Water Cooling Reservoirs
  Bay Reservoirs External Reservoirs Internal Reservoirs
  Pump/Resevoir Combo Reservoir Accessories Radiator/Pump/Res Combo
Temperature Monitors
  Temp Probes  
VGA Heatsinks/Coolers
  Misc. Chipsinks  
Water Blocks VGA
  VGA Water Blocks  
Water Blocks VGA - Brand
  Aquacomputer VGA Blocks  
Water Blocks VGA - Card - AMD
  HD Radeon R9 290X  
Water Blocks VGA - Card - nVidia
  GTX 780 Water Blocks GTX 980 Water Blocks GTX Titan Water Blocks
Water Cooling Kits - Brands
  Aquacomputer Water Cooling Kits  
Water Cooling Kits / Cases
  Water Cooling Kits  
PC Tools
  Temperature Probes  

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"With fully automated online ordering restored, FrozenCPU is my "Go-To" place for computer specialty items. Excellent, easy to use website and I greatly appreciate the care taken to package and inventory each order. Keep up the good work!"

- Ken Mumme
   July 07, 2016

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