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Innovatek, based in Germany, is the oldest dedicated computer liquid cooling company that is often credited with starting the custom liquid cooling craze. Innovatek offers high performance for CPU water cooling blocks, graphic water cooling blocks, chipset water cooling blocks and hard drives, as well as a range of heat exchangers, pumps and accessories that add professional quality water cooling to PCs and servers.

Innovatek Categories
  Female to Female Fittings  
  1/4 x 3/8 Compression  
Liquid Cooling Safety
  Liquid Filters  
PC Water Cooling Pumps
  Water Pumps Pump Accessories Pump/Resevoir Combo
PC Water Cooling Reservoirs
  Pump/Resevoir Combo  
Tubing Accessories
  Tubing Accessories  
Water Blocks Chipset
  Chipset Blocks  

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"I have to say that I have been ordering more and more from FrozenCPU lately and every experience has been awesome! My wife actually ordered some parts for me and it included 3 fans, 1 of which was completely broken away from the frame entirely. All they asked for was a picture and they sent out a new one the next day with 2 day shipping! I also realized I ordered the wrong size radiator, so late one night I ordered the correct one along with some new tubing and a couple fittings and wanted it overnighted to get it quickly while I was still on vacation. They had it packed and shipped within a few hours of my order and I received it exactly when I wanted it! This is one of those rare companies that goes above and beyond to help out their customers and I will continue to shop and recommend FrozenCPU! Thank you for everything!"

- Chris
   June 03, 2015

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