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Koolance is the recognized leader in complete PC liquid cooling solutions. Providing the most professional products available, they cater to those who desire advanced, silent cooling technology without the hassle of consumer kits. Exceptional performance, reliability, and significant noise reduction are what make Koolance the thermal management choice for customers worldwide.

FrozenCPU is your source for the latest Koolance water cooling kits, Koolance pumps, Koolance chipset water blocks and Koolance CPU water blocks.

Koolance Categories
12 Volt Computer Fans
  120mm x 38mm Fans  
12 Volt Fans by CFM
  180 - 199 CFM Fans  
12 Volt Fans by dB
  55 - 59 dB Fans  
Coolant - Brand
  Koolance Fluids  
Fan Cables
  3 Pin Y Fan Cabling  
  30 Adapters 60 Adapters 90 Adapters
  Fitting O-Rings Male to Male Fittings On / Off Valves
  Fitting Plugs Fitting Extenders Fittings G3/8
  Fitting Adapters Drain / Fill Ports Flow / Temp. Meters
  Funnels / Syringe PCI Pass Thru SLI Connectors
  Fittings-Copper Tube Misc. Connectors  
  1/4" ID Barbs 3/8" ID Barbs 1/2" ID Barbs
  30 Barbs 90 Barbs Fitting O-Rings
  1/4 x 3/8 Compression 3/8 x 1/2 Compression 3/8 x 5/8 Compression
  1/2 x 5/8 Compression 1/2 x 3/4 Compression 1/4 x 3/8 Compression 90
  3/8 x 1/2 Compression 90 3/8 x 5/8 Compression 90 1/2 x 5/8 Compression 90
  1/2 x 3/4 Compression 90 Fitting O-Rings  
Fittings-Quick Disconnects
  Koolance QD2 Series Koolance QD3 Series Koolance QD4 Series
  Koolance VL2 Series Koolance VL3 Series Koolance VL3N Series
  Koolance VL4 Series  
  Rotary Adapter-30 Rotary Adapter-60 Rotary Adapter-90
  Rotary Adapter-Snake Rotary Barbs Rotary Compression
  Rotary Extenders  
  Quad Connectors  
Liquid Cooling Safety
  Funnels / Syringe Liquid Filters Liquid Flow Indicators
  Liquid Leak Sensors Liquid Level Indicators Liquid Temp Sensors
  Pressure Valve Software & Controllers  
Misc Case Parts
  Power Adapters  
PC Water Cooling Pumps
  Water Pumps D5 Variants DDC Variants
  Pump Accessories Pump/Resevoir Combo  
PC Water Cooling Radiator Accessories
  Radiator Accessories Radiator Mounts  
PC Water Cooling Radiators
  120mm Single 120mm Dual 120mm Triple
  120mm Quadruple Extreme Radiators  
PC Water Cooling Reservoirs
  Bay Reservoirs Pump/Resevoir Combo Reservoir Accessories
Rigid Acrylic - Fittings
  16mm Rigid Fitting 5/8" OD Hardline Fitting  
Screws by Fan Size
  For 120mm x 25mm Fans For 140mm x 25mm Fans  
Thermal Pads / Tape
  Thermal Pad - 0.5mm Thermal Pad - 0.7mm Thermal Pad - 1.0mm
Tubing Accessories
  Anti-kink Coils - 3/8" OD Anti-kink Coils - 1/2" OD Anti-kink Coils - 5/8" OD
  Anti-kink Coils - 3/4" OD Reusable Clamps - 3/8" OD Reusable Clamps - 3/4" OD
  PCI Pass Thru  
Water Block Mosfet / Volt Reg.
  Volt Reg/Mosfet Blocks Mosfet Accessories  
Water Blocks Chipset
  Universal Blocks  
Water Blocks CPU
  CPU Water Blocks CPU Block Accessories  
Water Blocks CPU - Brand
  Koolance CPU Blocks  
Water Blocks CPU - Socket
  CPU Water Blocks - Socket AM2/AM3 CPU Water Blocks - Socket AM4 CPU Water Blocks - Socket C32/G34
  CPU Water Blocks - Socket LGA1366 CPU Water Blocks - Socket LGA2011 CPU Water Blocks - Socket sTR4
Water Blocks RAM
  RAM Blocks  
Water Blocks VGA
  VGA Water Blocks VGA Brackets/Pads VGA Voltage Regulator
Water Blocks VGA - Brand
  Koolance VGA Blocks  
Water Blocks VGA - Card - AMD
  HD Radeon R9 290X  
Water Cooling Kits - Brands
  Koolance Water Cooling Kits  
Water Cooling Kits / Cases
  All-In-One Liquid Cooled Server Water Cooling Kits
  External Water Cooling Kits  
PC Tools
  Temperature Probes  
Wire Management
  Fan Cabling  

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"I have to say that I have been ordering more and more from FrozenCPU lately and every experience has been awesome! My wife actually ordered some parts for me and it included 3 fans, 1 of which was completely broken away from the frame entirely. All they asked for was a picture and they sent out a new one the next day with 2 day shipping! I also realized I ordered the wrong size radiator, so late one night I ordered the correct one along with some new tubing and a couple fittings and wanted it overnighted to get it quickly while I was still on vacation. They had it packed and shipped within a few hours of my order and I received it exactly when I wanted it! This is one of those rare companies that goes above and beyond to help out their customers and I will continue to shop and recommend FrozenCPU! Thank you for everything!"

- Chris
   June 03, 2015

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