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Alphacool is based in Germany and they are one of the most well known players the water cooling market. Its founders, have been involved in the business of water cooling for over 9-years working with other companies. Alphacool's headquarters and main production facilities are based in Braunschweig.

FrozenCPU is your source for Alphacool water cooling CPU water blocks.

Alphacool Categories
12 Volt Computer Fans
  120mm x 25mm Fans  
12 Volt Fans by CFM
  50 - 59 CFM Fans 70 - 79 CFM Fans 80 - 89 CFM Fans
12 Volt Fans by dB
  20 - 24 dB Fans 25 - 29 dB Fans 30 - 34 dB Fans
Alphacool Fans
  Alphacool 120mm Fans  
Alphcool Reservoirs
  Alphacool Bay Reservoirs Alphacool Internal Reservoirs Alphacool Pump/Resevoir Combo
Case Badges
  All Case Badges Hardware Badges  
Chipset Heatsinks/Coolers
  All Passive Chipsinks BGA/VGA Heatsinks  
  45 Adapters 90 Adapters Female to Female Fittings
  Male to Male Fittings On / Off Valves Fitting Extenders
  Fitting Adapters SLI Connectors Elbow Connectors
  Misc. Connectors  
  3/8" ID Barbs 1/2" ID Barbs 90 Barbs
  3/8 x 1/2 Compression 3/8 x 5/8 Compression 1/2 x 3/4 Compression
  3/8 x 1/2 Compression 45 3/8 x 5/8 Compression 45 1/2 x 5/8 Compression 45
  1/2 x 3/4 Compression 45 3/8 x 1/2 Compression 90 3/8 x 5/8 Compression 90
  1/2 x 3/4 Compression 90  
Fittings-Quick Disconnects
  Alphacool Quick Disconnect  
  Rotary Adapter-45 Rotary Adapter-90 Rotary Barbs
  Y / F Splitter T Connectors 5-Way Connectors
HDD | RAM | System Heatsinks/Coolers
  Misc. Coolers  
  LED Accessories  
Lighting Accessories
  LED Accessories Lighting Controllers  
Liquid Cooling Safety
  Pressure Valve Software & Controllers  
Misc Case Parts
  All Case Badges  
PC Water Cooling Pumps
  Water Pumps DDC Variants D5 Pump Tops
  DDC Pump Tops DDC Pump Heatinks Pump Accessories
  Pump/Resevoir Combo  
PC Water Cooling Radiator Accessories
  Radiator Accessories  
PC Water Cooling Radiators
  X-Flow/Cross flow radiators 40mm Dual 40mm Triple
  80mm Single 80mm Dual 120mm Single
  120mm Dual 120mm Triple 120mm Quadruple
  140mm Single 140mm Dual 140mm Triple
  140mm Quadruple 180mm Single 180mm Dual
  180mm Triple Extreme Radiators  
PC Water Cooling Reservoirs
  Bay Reservoirs Internal Reservoirs Pump/Resevoir Combo
  Reservoir Accessories Tube Reservoirs  
Powder Coating
  Painted Radiators  
Rigid Fittings - PETG/Acrylic
  13mm Rigid Fittings 16mm Rigid Fitting  
Rigid Tubing
  13mm Rigid Tubing 16mm OD Rigid Tubing  
Thermal Interface Materials
  Alphacool Compounds  
Thermal Pads / Tape
  Thermal Pad - 0.5mm  
  3/8 x 1/2 Tubing Retail Packed Tubing  
Tubing Accessories
  Reusable Clamps - 3/8" OD Reusable Clamps - 5/8" OD Reusable Clamps - 3/4" OD
  Tubing Accessories  
VGA Heatsinks/Coolers
  BGA/VGA Heatsinks  
Water Block Mosfet / Volt Reg.
  Volt Reg/Mosfet Blocks  
Water Blocks CPU
  CPU Block Accessories  
Water Blocks Motherboard/Chipset
  Chipset Blocks  
Water Blocks VGA
  VGA Water Blocks  
Water Cooling Super Deals!
  G3/8 Stuff Pumps/Pump Accessories Blowout! Waterblock Blowout Sales!
Other Stuff!
  Accessory Blowouts!  
Alphacool Compounds
  Alphacool Compounds  
Alphacool Blocks - VGA nVidia
  Alphacool VGA Blocks  
Alphacool Fittings
  Alphacool 90 Adapters Alphacool 45 Adapters Alphacool Drain / Fill Ports
  Alphacool Fitting Adapters Alphacool Fitting Extenders Alphacool 13mm Rigid Fittings
  Alphacool 16mm Rigid Fittings Alphacool Compression Fittings Alphacool Fitting SLI Connectors
Alphacool Radiators
  Alphacool 420mm Radiator Alphacool 120mm Radiator Alphacool 140mm Radiator
  Alphacool 180mm Radiator Alphacool 240mm Radiator Alphacool 280mm Radiator
  Alphacool 360mm Radiator Alphacool 480mm Radiator Alphacool 540mm Radiator
  Alphacool 560mm Radiator  

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"Well, I waited long enough to speak up about what a great job the crew over at FrozenCPU has done. I had done extensive research on this latest liquid-loop and set up my parts list, put in my order and got things rolling. Immediately they called me to let me know the quad radiator I picked was no longer in stock and that they could either order an equivalent from the same manufacturer OR a substitution from a different brand and kindly provided excellent alternative suggestions. While I mulled over the price for a part 40$ over they knocked down the price twice to eventually match my original pick and were awesome to talk to the whole time. From my experience you just can''t get the same quality of service from larger competitors. I''m already gearing up for the next order!"

- Jorge S.
   November 16, 2018

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