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"World’s Largest Selection of PC Modification Supplies & Same Day Shipping" is more than just our motto, it’s the way we strive to conduct our business. When we can't find something from a supplier we simply build it. Power supply testers, psu connectors and filters are just a few of the items we have manufactured.

FrozenCPU Categories
12 Volt Computer Fans
  120mm x 25mm Fans 40mm x 10mm Fans 60mm x 15mm Fans
  60mm x 25mm Fans 70mm x 15mm Fans 80mm x 25mm Fans
12 Volt Fans - LED / UV
  80mm x 25mm LED Fans 80mm x 25mm UV Fans 120mm x 25mm LED Fans
  140mm x 25mm LED Fans  
12 Volt Fans by CFM
  0 - 9 CFM Fans 10 - 19 CFM Fans 20 - 29 CFM Fans
  30 - 39 CFM Fans 50 - 59 CFM Fans 60 - 69 CFM Fans
12 Volt Fans by dB
  15 - 19 dB Fans 25 - 29 dB Fans 35 - 39 dB Fans
16mm Vandal Resistant Switches
  16mm Latching Vandal Resistant Switches 16mm Momentary Vandal Resistant Switches 16mm Switch Bay Covers
  Vandal Resistant Switch Cables  
2 Pin Connectors
  2-Pin Female 2-Pin Male  
20 Pin Connectors
  20-Pin Male  
22mm Vandal Resistant Switches
  22mm-Latching Vandal Resistant Switches 22mm-Momentary Vandal Resistant Switches 22mm Switch Bay Covers
  Vandal Resistant Switch Cables  
24 Pin Connectors
  20+4 Pin Male 24-Pin 90° Female 24-Pin Female
  24-Pin Male  
3 Pin Connectors
  3-Pin Female 3-Pin Male 3-Pin Shielded
4 Pin Connectors
  12V P4 Molex - EZ Pinch Molex - Female
  Molex - Low Profile Molex - Male Molex - Pass-Thru
  PWM Female PWM Female Shielded PWM Male
5 Volt Fans
  50mm x 10mm 5V Fans  
6 Pin Connectors
  6-Pin VGA Female 6-Pin VGA Male V2  
8 Pin Connectors
  4+4-Pin EPS Male 8-Pin EPS Female 8-Pin EPS Male
  8-Pin VGA Female 8-Pin VGA Male 6+2 Pin VGA Male
AC 115V Fans
  AC / DC Adapters  
AC Adapters/Controllers
  AC / DC Adapters  
Audio / Video Cables
  VGA Adapters  
Baby Onesie
  Onesie Pink  
BitCoin Mining Cables
  PCI Express Adapters PCI Express Riser Cables  
Cable Adapters
  Cable Adapters PCI Express Adapters PCI Express Riser Cables
  SATA Adapters Tailed Adapters PCI Expansion Slot Port Replicators / Adapters
Case Badges
  Alien Badges All Case Badges Anarchy Badges
  Animal Badges Auto Badges Biohazard Badges
  Country Badges Gaming Badges Glow in Dark Badges
  Hardware Badges Humor Badges Nerdy Badges
  Overclock Badges Phrase Badges Software Badges
  Sports Badges Superhero Badges Symbol Badges
Case Hardware
  CPU Retention Hardware Dust Covers Grommets
  Hard Disk Drive Screws Jumpers Motherboard Hardware
  Mounting Kits Power Supply Screws Rivets
  Screws Thumbscrew (6-32 thrd.) UV Slot Protectors
Cases - Acrylic
  Acrylic Tech Stations QDIY Acrylic  
Cases - FrozenCPU Modified
  Custom Liquid Cooled Cases  
Cases - Motherboard Type
Cases - Standard Sizes
  Tech Stations Liquid Cooled Cases  
Chipset Heatsinks/Coolers
  All Passive Chipsinks Fanless/Passive Low Profile Chipset
Cold Cathode - Accessories
  Cold Cathode - Cables Cold Cathode - Pins Cold Cathode - Sound Activation
Computer Case Silencing
  Computer Case Silencing Kits  
Computer Fan Silencers
  60mm Fan Silencers 80mm Fan Silencers 92mm Fan Silencers
  120mm Fan Silencers 140mm Fan Silencers Rubber Grommets
  Rubber Screws UV Fan Silencers UV Blue Fan Silencers
  UV Green Fan Silencers UV Red Fan Silencers  
Computer PSU Accessories
  Dust Cover Kits Molex Dust Covers PCI Express Adapters
  PSU Cables PSU Connectors PSU Silencers
  PSU Testers  
Computer PSU Silencers
  PSU Silencer UV PSU Silencers  
Connector / Port / Slot Protectors
  UV Slot Protectors Dust Covers Port Covers
Connector Pins
  ATX/PCI-E/EPS Pins Cathode Pins Fan Pins
  Floppy Pins Molex Pins Motherboard Pins
  SATA Pins VGA Pins  
Connector Pins - Spools
  ATX/PCI-E/EPS Pins - Spools Cathode Pins - Spools Fan Pins - Spools
  Floppy Pins - Spools Molex Pins - Spools Motherboard Pins - Spools
  SATA Pins - Spools  
Connector Tools
  Crimping / Pin Removal  
Connectors | Pins
  20-Pin Connectors 24-Pin Connectors 3-Pin Connectors
  4-Pin Connectors 4-Pin PWM Connectors 6-Pin PCI-E Connectors
  8-Pin Connectors Floppy Connectors Jumper Cables
  Jumpers Spade Connectors Splice Connectors
  Wire Terminals  
Coolant - Brand
  IandH Fluids  
Coolant | Additives
  Fluid Additives  
Corsair / Seasonic / Cooler Master PSU Connectors
  6-Pin Male 10-Pin Male 12-Pin Male
  14-Pin Male 18-Pin Male  
CPU Heatsinks - Misc.
  Retention Hardware  
CPU Heatsinks/Coolers
  Lapping Kits Retention Hardware  
Custom Length Cables
  Custom Extensions Custom Power Custom Switch Cables
Custom Liquid Cooled
  Custom Liquid Full-Tower  
Custom Painted
  Interior Painting Service  
Drinks / Food
  Drink Accessories  
Drive Bay Covers
  3.5" Covers 5.25" Covers Aluminum Covers
  Custom Covers Stick-On Bezels  
Dust Covers
  DVI Dust Covers HDMI Dust Covers Mobo Dust Covers
  Molex Dust Covers Sata Dust Covers Dust Cover Kits
Fan Accessories
  Fan Ducts Fan Molding Multi Fan Ports
  Fan Adapters Specialty Depth Fan Screws  
Fan Cables
  3 Pin Adapters 3 Pin Y 4 Pin Y
  Fan Cable Extensions Fan Cabling PWM Cabling
Fan Controllers
  5.25" Controllers DIY Controllers High Watt/Amp Controller
  Multi Fan Ports PCI Slot Controllers Rheobus Controllers
  Thermal Controllers  
Fan Filters
  40mm Fan Filters 60mm Fan Filters 80mm Fan Filters
  92mm Fan Filters 120mm Fan Filters 140mm Fan Filters
  Anodized Fan Filters Filter Material Washable Fan Filters
Fan Grills
  40mm Fan Grills 50mm Fan Grills 60mm Fan Grills
  70mm Fan Grills 80mm Fan Grills 80mm Laser Cut Grills
  92mm Fan Grills 92mm Laser Cut Grills 120mm Fan Grills
  120mm Laser Cut / Machined Grills 140mm Fan Grills Wire Grills
Fan Mounting Hardware
  Fan Screws Rubber Screws M4-0.7 Thread (6mm long)
  M4-0.7 Thread (10mm long) M4-0.7 Thread (40mm long)  
FCPU Accessories
  Bottle Opener Stress Ball  
  Fitting Adapters Drain / Fill Ports Flow / Temp. Meters
  Funnels / Syringe Grommets PCI Pass Thru
  Elbow Connectors  
  Y / F Splitter T Connectors  
Hardware Adapters
  SATA Adapters  
HDD Enclosures / Adapters
  2.5" HDD Adapters 3.5" HDD Adapters  
HDD Silencers
  HDD Noise Reduction System HDD Rubber Screws  
Home Theater Cabinet Accessories
  AC / DC Adapters Cabinet Cable Adapters Cabinet Cable Extensions
  Ducts / Vents Multi Fan Ports USB Fans
Home Theater Cabinet Cooling
  USB Powered Kits  
Home Theater Cabinet Lighting
  LED Strip  
LAN Party Gear
  Misc. Gear  
Lapping / Finishing Kits
  Lapping Kits  
LED Cables
  LED Power Cables  
LED Lighting
  Lazer LED LED Strip  
  10mm LED 3mm LED 5mm LED
  8mm LED Dual Color LEDs LED Accessories
  Tailed LED - 1+1-Pin Tailed LED - 2-Pin Tailed LED - 3-Pin
  Tailed LED - 4-Pin Triple Color LEDs  
Lian Li Parts
  Lian Li Bay Covers Lian Li Bay Devices Lian Li Device Covers
Lighting Accessories
  LED Accessories LED Power Cables  
Liquid Cooling Safety
  Funnels / Syringe Liquid Temp Sensors  
Military Switches
  Military Switches Military Switch Bay Covers  
Misc Case Parts
  2.5" HDD Adapters 3.5" HDD Adapters All Case Badges
  Appliques Appliques UV Handles
  Motherboard Trays Power Adapters Rivets
Motherboard Connectors
  1-Pin Mobo 2-Pin Mobo 3-Pin Mobo
  4-Pin Mobo 5-Pin Mobo 6-Pin Mobo
  8-Pin Mobo 10-Pin Mobo  
Multi-Function Panels
  5.25" Multifunction  
Panels / Tops / Mesh / Acrylic
  Filter Material  
PC Water Cooling Pumps
  Pump Accessories  
PC Water Cooling Radiator Accessories
  Radiator Cables Radiator Accessories Radiator Templates
PC Water Cooling Radiator Screws
  M3-0.5 Thread (6mm long) M3-0.5 Thread (10mm long) M3-0.5 Thread (30mm long)
  M3-0.5 Thread (40mm long) M4-0.7 Thread (6mm long) M4-0.7 Thread (10mm long)
  M4-0.7 Thread (35mm long) M4-0.7 Thread (40mm long) 6-32 Thread (1/4" long)
  6-32 Thread (3/8" long) 6-32 Thread (1/2" long) 6-32 Thread (1 1/8" long)
  6-32 Thread (1 5/8" long) 6-32 Thread (2 1/2" long)  
PC Water Cooling Reservoirs
  Reservoir Accessories  
Powder Coating
  Paint Service  
PSU Cables
  12V EPS Adapters 12V EPS Extensions 20/24-Pin Adapters
  20/24-Pin Extension 4-Pin Molex Extension 6-Pin PCI-E Extensions
  PCI Express Adapters PSU Cables SATA Power Adapters
  SATA Power Extensions  
Remotes & Switch Cabling
  Spade Connectors Switch Cabling  
Rigid Acrylic - Tubing
  Rigid Tubing Tools  
Rounded Cables
  Jumper Cables Motherboard Cables USB Adapters
SATA 3.0 Cables
  SATA 3.0 18" -180° to 180° SATA 3.0 18" -90° to 180° eSATA Cables
  SATA Cable Adapter  
Sata Connectors
  Sata Connectors  
Screw Accessories
  Standoffs M3 Lock Nuts M4 Lock Nuts
  6-32 Lock Nuts Washers  
Screws by Application
  Assortment Packs Expansion Slot Screws Fan Screws
  Hard Disk Drive Screws Motherboard Screws Optical Drive Screws
  Power Supply Screws Rubber Screws Thumbscrew (6-32 thrd.)
Screws by Fan Size
  For 35mm x 10mm Fans For 38mm x 38mm Fans For 40mm x 10mm Fans
  For 40mm x 15mm Fans For 40mm x 20mm Fans For 40mm x 28mm Fans
  For 40mm x 56mm Fans For 45mm x 10mm Fans For 50mm x 10mm Fans
  For 60mm x 10mm Fans For 60mm x 15mm Fans For 60mm x 25mm Fans
  For 60mm x 38mm Fans For 70mm x 10mm Fans For 70mm x 15mm Fans
  For 70mm x 25mm Fans For 75mm x 15mm Fans For 80mm x 10mm Fans
  For 80mm x 15mm Fans For 80mm x 25mm Fans For 80mm x 34mm Fans
  For 80mm x 38mm Fans For 92mm x 25mm Fans For 92mm x 32mm Fans
  For 92mm x 38mm Fans For 100mm x 12mm Fans For 100mm x 25mm Fans
  For 120mm x 12mm Fans For 120mm x 20mm Fans For 120mm x 25mm Fans
  For 120mm x 32mm Fans For 120mm x 34mm Fans For 120mm x 38mm Fans
  For 120mm x 55mm Fans For 140mm x 20mm Fans For 140mm x 25mm Fans
  For 150mm x 51mm Fans For 180mm x 32mm Fans For 200mm x 20mm Fans
  For 200mm x 30mm Fans For 220mm x 30mm Fans For 230mm x 30mm Fans
  For 360mm x 30mm Fans Rubber Screws  
Screws by Length
  1/4" Long (6-32 thrd.) 1/4" Long (8-32 thrd.) 3/8" Long (6-32 thrd.)
  3/8" Long (8-32 thrd.) 1/2" Long (6-32 thrd.) 1/2" Long (8-32 thrd.)
  3/4" Long (6-32 thrd.) 1" Long (6-32 thrd.) 1 1/4" Long (6-32 thrd.)
  1 1/8" Long (6-32 thrd.) 1 1/2" Long (6-32 thrd.) 1 5/8" Long (6-32 thrd.)
  2" Long (6-32 thrd.) 2 1/2" Long (6-32 thrd.) 6mm Long (M3-0.5 thrd.)
  6mm Long (M4-0.7 thrd.) 10mm Long (M3-0.5 thrd.) 10mm Long (M4-0.7 thrd.)
  30mm Long (M3-0.5 thrd.) 35mm Long (M4-0.7 thrd.) 40mm Long (M3-0.5 thrd.)
  40mm Long (M4-0.7 thrd.)  
Screws by Thread
  6-32 Thread (1/4" long) 6-32 Thread (3/8" long) 6-32 Thread (1/2" long)
  6-32 Thread (3/4" long) 6-32 Thread (1" long) 6-32 Thread (1 1/8" long)
  6-32 Thread (1 1/4" long) 6-32 Thread (1 1/2" long) 6-32 Thread (1 5/8" long)
  6-32 Thread (2" long) 6-32 Thread (2 1/2" long) 8-32 Thread (1/4" long)
  8-32 Thread (3/8" long) 8-32 Thread (1/2" long) M3-0.5 Thread (6mm long)
  M3-0.5 Thread (10mm long) M3-0.5 Thread (13mm long) M3-0.5 Thread (30mm long)
  M3-0.5 Thread (40mm long) M4-0.7 Thread (6mm long) M4-0.7 Thread (10mm long)
  M4-0.7 Thread (35mm long) M4-0.7 Thread (40mm long)  
Single Braid Sleeving
  Single Braid Cables  
  25mm-Momentary Vandal Resistant Switches LED Switches Military Switches
  Rocker Switches Switch Cabling 19mm-Latching Vandal Resistant Switches
T-Shirts Short Sleeve
  T-Shirts XX-Large  
Temperature Monitors
  Backlit Temp Monitors Black Temp. Monitors Temp Probes
Thermal Cleaning Products
  Alcohol Swabs Thermal Applicators  
Thermal Pads / Tape
  Thermal Pad - 3.0mm Thermal Pad - 6.0mm Thermal Pad - Motherboard
  Thermal Tape  
Toggle Switches
  LED Duckbill Switches LED Push Switches LED Rocker Switches
  Rocker Switches Duckbill Switch Bay Covers Rocker Switch Bay Covers
  Thermal Switches  
  1/4 x 3/8 Tubing 3/8 x 1/2 Tubing 3/8 x 5/8 Tubing
  7/16 x 5/8 Tubing 1/2 x 5/8 Tubing 1/2 x 3/4 Tubing
Tubing Accessories
  Reusable Clamps - 3/8" OD Reusable Clamps - 1/2" OD Reusable Clamps - 5/8" OD
  Reusable Clamps - 3/4" OD Tubing Grommets Tubing Accessories
  PCI Pass Thru  
USB Accessories
  USB Accessories  
USB Cables / Adapters
  External USB Cables Internal USB Cables PCI Slot USB
  USB Adapters USB 3.0 Cable Wire  
USB Connectors
  USB 3.0 Cable Wire  
Vinyl / Film
  Modders Tape Vinyl Applicator  
Water Cooling Kits / Cases
  Liquid Cooled Cases Custom Liquid Cooled Cases  
Window Accessories
  Appliques Appliques UV Window Molding
Window Kits - Bolt-On
  Modders Tape  
Window Kits - Molding
  Window Molding  
  16 AWG Wire 18 AWG Wire 22 AWG Wire
  Ribbon Cable Wire USB 3.0 Cable Wire UV Wire
Computer Power Supply - Brand
  PSU - Cooler Master PSU - Corsair PSU - Seasonic
Heat Shrink
  1/8" Heat Shrink 1/4" Heat Shrink 3/8" Heat Shrink
  1/2" Heat Shrink 1" Heat Shrink  
UV Heat Shrink
  1/8" UV Heat Shrink 1/4" UV Heat Shrink 3/8" UV Heat Shrink
  1/2" UV Heat Shrink 1" UV Heat Shrink  
  1/8" Sleeving 1/4" Sleeving 1/2" Sleeving
UV Reactive Sleeving
  1/8" UV Reactive Sleeving 1/4" UV Reactive Sleeving 1/2" UV Reactive Sleeving
PC Tools
  Antistatic Crimping / Pin Removal Misc. Tools
  Modders Tape PSU Testers Rigid Tubing Tools
  Temperature Probes Thermometers Velcro
  CMOS/BIOS Reset Switches  
Wire Management
  Cable Organizers Extension Cables Fan Cabling
  Fan Control Cabling Grommets Purse Locks
  Switch Cabling Tie Mounts Tie Wraps
  UV Tie Wraps  

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