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Peltier Coolers (TEC) | Coldplates
Peltier coolers, also known as thermoelectric coolers (TEC) consist of the peltier element itself and a powerful heatsink/fan combination to cool the TEC. TEC coolers have two wires which connect to a power source in your pc case, when voltage is applied to those wires, a temperature difference across the two sides of the TEC is achieved. One side is hot and the other side is cool. You place the TEC between the CPU/GPU and the heatsink with an appropriate thermal interface material (thermal grease).

We have several complete TEC kits like CoolIT Systems Freezone and Swiftech's H20 series which require a lot less knowledge to install then a DIY TEC cooler solution.

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Silverstone FX350-G Flex ATX power supply Silverstone FX350-G Flex ATX power supply
Brand: Silverstone  

As a leading brand in small form factor (SFF) case design and power supply miniaturization, SilverStone launched its first Flex ATX power supply, the FX350-G, to further widen the scope of SFF design possibilities and to serve upgrade needs of embedded systems or 1U rack-mount server applications. It has features that enthusiasts demand such as all black exterior coat...

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