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Vinyl / Film
FrozenCPU has vinyl wraps for custom modding your chassis and other parts. Vinyl is an easy solution to customizing your work while not wracking your brain and countless hours trying to do it. Various sizes and stylesa re available.

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2" x 180 2" x 180' Modding Masking Tape
Brand: FrozenCPU  

The 2" x 180 feet Modding Masking Tape is a heavy duty tape we use in house to keep chassis and side panels from scratching while we work on them. This heavy ply tape is thick enough to be able to use a single layer to keep most tools from scratching. This tape also leaves no residue after removal making it ideal for modding and other surfaces that have a finish.

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3M Vinyl Film and Tape Hand Applicator / Squeegee 3M Vinyl Film and Tape Hand Applicator / Squeegee

The 3M Vinyl Film and Tape Hand Applicator / Squeegee is what the professionals use. It features a stiff vinyl/nylon construction with a reinforced edge for a bubble-free application.

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Professional Hand Held Vinyl Applicator Professional Hand Held Vinyl Applicator
Brand: FrozenCPU  

The Professional Vinyl Applicator makes working out air bubbles and applying vinyl to you custom mod. The oversized hand held squeegee is the perfect stiffness to make your custom vinyl piece look uniform.

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